Transylvania 6-5000 (1985) – Rudy De Luca

They aren’t all going to be winners as I continue to sink my fangs into the vampire chapter in DK Canada’s Monsters in the Movies book. This stinker from 1985 boasts a pretty solid cast, but is terribly written (and directed) by Rudy De Luca.

Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley Jr. share the dubious honor of the leads in Transylvania 6-5000. They star as Jack Harrison and Gil Turner a pair of newspapermen sent out by their editor (Norman Fell) when a found footage tape seems to indicate that the Frankenstein monster is alive and well in the eastern European town.

The laughs are juvenile, the gags cheesy, but at least Goldblum and Begley look like they are having fun, after a fashion. The cast is rounded out by Jeffrey Jones, Carol Kane, Micheal Richards, Geena Davis, and they all seem to be happy just to be getting paid.

I hate to say it, but Goldblum and Begley do have a nice chemistry together, and Goldblum’s now iconic acting and delivery style is on brilliant display here, even as the movie fails to truly entertain.


Silly, vapid and uninspired there isn’t much to redeem the film at all despite the enjoyable cast.

And of course, all the monsters turn out to be real in some form or another, and our heroes have the story of a lifetime, if only they can figure out how to stay alive and report it.

Slapsticky, goofy, filled with inane moments, and poorly produced (the poster looks so much better than the movie). In fact, I’ve already written more about it than film reviewer Leonard Maltin did. His review, it stunk.

He’s not wrong, What is really surprising that over the years this one hasn’t even garnered a bit of a cult following, considering the cast this one would be rife for a little midnight madness, but it’s so bad that no one can justify liking this film.

Like I said, they aren’t all going to be winners, but DK Books’ Monsters in the Movies definitely entertains. Check it out!


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