Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) – Blu-Ray Review

Alden Ehrenreich takes on the iconic role of scoundrel and smuggler Han Solo, as Lawrence Kasdan, and his son Jonathan Kasdan pen the script for the Ron Howard directed film which comes home on blu-ray and DVD today from Disney and Lucasfilm.

While it stumbled a bit at the box office, coming to close on the coattails of the divisive (for some) The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story is light enjoyable fare that shines a light on a corner of Han Solo’s life that has long been speculated on but never seen, including how he meets up with Chewbacca (now played by Joonas Suotamo), Lando Calrissian (a fantastic turn by Donald Glover – seriously, he needs a spinoff film of his own), and how he gets his ship, the Millennium Falcon. And of course there’s a girl, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke).

Definitely lighter than The Last Jedi, the film is escapism of a fairly high caliber that lets us revisit with old friends in new ways, and catch some Easter Eggs and tie-ins to not only the other films but the television shows as well – how is it no one has mentioned the appearance of the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark being amongst Dryden’s (Paul Bettany) collection.

The blu-ray comes with a supplemental disc filled with bonus features that covers the making of the film under Ron Howard as he hosts a roundtable with his cast, through it all the whole debacle with the previous directors is barely touched on. There are deleted scenes, some are missed, some glad to be excised.


Of interest is an extra called Kasdan on Kasdan, which delves into the father-son Kasdan team that created the story, with Kasdan senior having worked on Empire, Raiders and Jedi, and the junior being a filmmaker, screenwriter, and a fan.

There is a look at the famed Kessel run, he escape from Corellia, the creation of the droid L3-37, the heist, a look at the redesign of the Falcon, and a look at our favorite Wookie.

The film is entertaining and fun, but got lost in the fact that it came so quickly on the heels of The Last Jedi. There was a time when we had to wait years for a Star Wars film, and now they are churning out semi-regularly, though after the fumble of this film they are spacing them out a little more which is nice. Build the anticipation for Star Wars films, make each journey an event, not just another tentpole.

All that being said, Solo really is a fun film, hints at a much longer story, and we have to wonder if we’ll ever learn more about it, and we can wonder who we should petition to get Donald Glover his own Adventures of Lando film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on blu-ray and DVD today from Disney and Lucasfilm.






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