Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993) – Birthright: Part II, and Starship Mine

Captain’s log: stardate 46579.2

The conclusion to last week’s Warf (Micheal Dorn) – centric story was written by Rene Echevarria and first aired on 1 March, 1993.

He learns the history of the Klingons and the Romulans on this remote colony, how they were ignored and left behind by the Klingon government, and vanishing from history allowed their families to live with the honour (and belief) that they died in the attack on Khitomer.

As he learns he also teaches the younger members of the colony their true history and some of their culture.

They try to convince him that he will have to stay, and live in peace with the Romulans, but he will not let go of the idea of escape or his cultural beliefs.

He also comes to an understanding with the Romulans who oversee the colony.

Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Data (Brent Spiner) is still dealing with his dreams, though it is barely mentioned. Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the rest are dealing with the fact that Worf is now overdue, and begin trying to track him down.

The episode is almost all Worf, and it is a fairly solid story, even as he confronts some of his own prejudices even as he develops feelings for Ba’el (Jennifer Gatti).

It ends with a confrontation between Worf and the Romulans that leads to a change for everyone on the planet, and Worf’s returns to the Enterprise, keeping the secret of those who remain behind.


Captain;s log: stardate 46682.4

Morgan Gendel pens this episode that first aired on 29 March, 1993, that saw the Die Hard formula being brought into Star Trek, and turning Captain Picard into an action hero.

The Enterprise arrives at the Remmler Array to undergo a Baryon sweep. This means the entire crew has to be evacuated, and allows them a bit of R&R. Unfortunately it also means there will be no one on board except for a group of technicians (amongst whom is Tim Russ who would later take on a role in Star Trek: Voyager), who have their own plans for the Enterprise.

There will be no one to stop them.

Or will there?

Picard goes back for his personal saddle, and soon finds himself in the role of John McClane as he begins a cat-and-mouse game with the technicians, eliminating them one after the other as he reclaims his starship.

There’s a great sequence near the beginning of the episode that sees Picard and Data engaging in small talk.. Very entertaining, which leads to a great moment later in the episode when he interacts with Commander Hutchinson (David Spielberg).

This is a fun episode, it lets Stewart have some action beats, and it’s just a nice homage to Die Hard.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as we return to Deep Space Nine…


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