Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) – Kill the Moon, and Mummy on the Orient Express

The Doctor (Capaldi), Clara (Jenna Coleman) and one of her students, Courtney (Ellis George) find themselves in a strange adventure this week in Peter Harness’ Kill the Moon.

This episode first aired on 4 October, 2014, and sees the trio and the TARDIS on the moon, and on Earth of the 21st century, as our solitary satellite’s true nature is revealed in a fun, and entertaining way.

Things get underway when Clara takes exception to the Doctor referring to Courtney as not special, to make things up he takes them all to the moon in 2049. Here things take on a bit of an Alien/Aliens feel when things are discovered about the moon, and a shuttle mission armed with nuclear weapons.

There are abandoned bases covered in webs, and the Moon has gained weight. Something is coming though that will cause the Doctor to leave and let Clara, Courtney and the rest of the planet to decide what to do.

It’s a nice episode, and it’s always cool when the Doctor steps back to let humanity decide what to do for themselves. Yes, he will always be there, but sometimes he wants to see what we can do as a species, and whether we are worth of his protection.

I do like how the first part of the story is actually very mysterious and even creepy, with a sense of exploration and horror mixed in, and then when the reveal is made, it becomes something almost magical, as things come to their conclusion.

I love the dialogue, and how the Doctor recuses himself of the decision, and I also like how the entire story plays out. The debate that takes place, the fear, and the faith that can define humanity.

This episode, in the end, rather surprised me with how much I enjoyed it.


Mummy on the Orient Express was penned by Jamie Mathieson and first aired on 11 October, 2014.

After the conclusion of the previous episode, the Doctor and Clara are a bit out of sorts, so he suggests a last hurrah, and final trip together. And we get an adventure with Agatha Christie overtones, as the end up on the Orient Express…. in space.

Things aren’t enjoyable and glamorous for long however, as it seems there is a mummy stalking passengers, unseen by all but its target. How is the Doctor going to stop it? He’ll have to become one of the next victims. But the victim only has sixty-six seconds once they see the mummy… what can the Time Lord, or his Companion do in just over a minute? Just kidding that was rhetorical.

I love how this episode plays out, especially against what Clara believes may be her last adventure with the Doctor. Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) offers her some solid advice though, and perhaps the duo will sort things out before the adventure comes to an end.

I love the reveal when the Doctor calls out the passengers of the train, and we learn what is really going on with the mummy, a creature known as the Foretold.

There are nods of continuity throughout this episode, including an apropos delivery of “are you my mummy?”

Both of this week’s episodes are very entertaining, and I had a good time with them, and that just allows me to look forward to the next adventure, when the Time Lord is trapped in Flatline.



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