Disney’s The Lady & The Tramp: The Signature Collection

The Signature Collection from Walt Disney adds another classic title to its pantheon as today, the 1955 animated tale, The Lady and The Tramp is released, and the iconic meatball scene has never looked better.

I last watched this film back in 2015 when I was reviewing it for the blog, and watching it then recalled my youth, and how the Disney films were movies I was allowed to go see on my own when I was a kid growing up in CFB Borden (and happily this way, my parents didn’t have to see me cry during The Fox and the Hound).

I settled in to watch the film (again) and was stunned by the fact that I had never seen it look so good. For so long most Disney films weren’t presented in their original theatrical presentation, with the advent of DVD and blu-ray that changed, but I had never seen this film the way it was made.

And it looks and sounds gorgeous.

Over the years, Disney has begun to tailor their film releases to include a plethora of extras that aren’t only aimed at younger viewers, and the Signature Collection definitely amends that. There are some fantastic extras including a behind the scenes look at Walt Disney’s apartment in Disney Land (something I never knew about) as well as a look at the Disney’s family connection with dogs through the years. Both are informative docs that illuminate a portion of the life and times of Disney that I never knew about.


There is also a song that was never recorded for the original film that makes an appearance in the extras set to some storyboards which lets us envision a slightly different take on the film.

But the thing I loved most is that there are three different ways to watch this classic film. There is the theatrical presentation, there is the sing-along presentation for the kids, and the very enjoyable Story Meeting version. This version brings to life the transcripts of the film’s story meetings with Walt and his creators and gives a truly insightful look into how the film came together – I think this may be my new favourite thing.

The story itself is a classic, a proper young cocker spaniel, Lady, meets a bit of a ruffian in Tramp, and they fall in love despite being from different worlds. It’s a great little film, and while Disney movies have come a long way since, there is a reason these classics endure.

And now, having a new dog in my life, I can’t help but see some of my own George in these characters, and that let me watch the movie in a while new way.

The Disney Signature Collection is the epitome of Disney releases, and not only makes a great addition to family friendly collections, but also those of serious film collectors. This edition of The Lady and The Tramp is the one to get.

And it’s available today from Disney on blu-ray!!


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