Disney/Pixar’s Coco Blu-Ray Review

The Golden Globe winning (and Oscar nominated) film from Pixar, the stunningly beautiful Coco is released to blu-ray and DVD today. Over the course of nineteen films Pixar has established itself as the foremost makers of family entertainment.

Entrenched in a faithful and gorgeous representation of Mexican beliefs and traditions, the story follows a young boy, Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) as he travels through the land of the dead when he steals a guitar, and it is there that he goes on an epic journey of discovery of not only who he is, but who his family is.

Pixar’s attention to detail, story and character are on full display here in this moving film that tells a timeless story that entertains while it touches the heart. Vibrant and colourful, Coco is unlike any Pixar film before it, but is undeniably Pixar because of its heart.

And now, it’s come home on blu-ray. The transfer is as stunning as you would expect it to be coming from a digital source. There is so much detail to be seen in this film, like all Pixars, and you can savour each moments, and just be gobsmacked by the images that you know were created in the computer, but still have this incredible power to move you.

The blu-ray comes with a slew of extras which appeals to a film buff like myself, and they are stunning. There are a number of docs about the artists’ trip to Mexico, the study of the culture, and the desire to bring it faithfully to the screen, the fashion, the look of the world of the dead, the music, and family.


Like all Pixar films there is humour, both for the younger viewers and the grown-ups while never sacrificing character, or their arcs. In fact Miguel, his dog Dante, and his friend, Hector (Gael Garcia Benal) all have wonderful character beats.

Alongside the characters is some beautiful music, and one song in particular, Remember Me, that not only becomes symbolic of the entire film, but serves as a wondrous and emotional reveal.

Whenever a new Pixar movie comes along, it becomes my favourite of all their films, and while Wall-E, Inside Out, The Incredibles and Up always finding their way into my top five Pixar films, Coco may currently hold the top spot.

The imagery, and the design of these films have come so far since Toy Story, and even further since Luxo Jr., fabrics, hair, characters, set design, it’s a constantly evolving art form, and yet, every single one of them are incredibly involving, and wonderfully made. Pixar truly is in a class by itself,

Coco is a fiesta for the heart and the soul, delighting in the magic of family, and being who you are. And even if you believe the stigma that animated films are for children, you need to see this one, and the truly avid film buff needs to add this to their collection.

Coco is available from Disney today on blu-ray and DVD.



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