South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season

Incredibly, this series just keeps getting better and better. South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season, recently re-released on blu-ray from Paramount Pictures took a spin in my player, and made me laugh throughout.

This season, over the course of fourteen episodes, series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker pull out all the stops and make some wonderful pop culture references, some that could only be caught by those who really know their films and television series – Krull, the Abyss, Stargate, Terminator and 24. This season the references come fast and furious.

There is a lot of laughs to be had, Butters gets sent to a pray the gay away camp after Cartman causes some problems with him, there’s a Dan Brown-esque Easter special, a 300 homage when Mrs. Garrison fights to keep a gay bar open, the threat of superstardom with Guitar Hero, and the iconic and much loved trilogy of episodes that form Imaginationland (watch for all the cameos by familiar characters).

The episodes, paired with a commentaries by Parker and Stone, race along, still tackling social issues, draping them in satire, and daring the viewer to think and make unformed decisions, even as they are laughing.

My favourite character, Butters, gets some great moments, especially in Imaginationland, and his exclamations are brilliant (Oh! Hamburgers!).


The season finale is actually quite good, dealing with something that I actually recall from my days in elementary school, The List! The girls in the class created a list )one of many) ranking the boys from cutest to ugliest, and there is a surprise in the ratings, and dark motivations behind it. I loved it!

It’s amazing that a little show that looked produced in such an amateurish way with construction paper made characters could have layers and satire on social and political issues. It has endured not only because the juvenile humour appeals, but also because of the subject matter that the series takes on.

Over the course of the two discs and lots of jokes, the storylines take us deeper into the small Colorado town of South Park and as always, nothing is sacred, no punch is pulled, and as always, the show is willing to make you uncomfortable if it’s trying to make a point.

Yes, there are some distasteful, perhaps even tasteless moments, but that’s the point of the series, the humour can work on so many levels, whether you are laughing at the toilet humour or at the, often, very clever remarks they are making on society,

After eleven seasons, it’s obvious the series is still going strong. I mean they are on season twenty-one even now, but it remains a Comedy Central classic for a reason.

Check it out today! Seasons one through eleven have been re-release by Paramount Pictures and totally worth a look!



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