The A-Team (2010) – Joe Carnahan

Sometimes you just want to relax with a fun action movie, where it seems like the heroes are having a great time, and there’s a lot to watch and enjoy as set pieces roll across the screen. 2010’s update on the classic Lupo/Cannell series The A-Team is very much one of those movies for me….

Shogun (1980) – Disc 2

The epic mini-series adaptation of James Clavell’s novel (he also served as one of the show’s producers), Shogun continues this week, as I dive into disc two, which includes episode two and parts of episode three which originally aired on the 16th and 17th September, 1980, following the airing of the three hour premiere on…

Shogun (1980) – Disc 1

Ah the late 70s and early 80s, the age of the television mini-series, an almost forgotten television event, though slowly being rediscovered by the advent of the limited series. It’s slightly different of course, because back then, there were only a few channels available, making a mini-series an event over consecutive nights. Shogun was based…

I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story (2019) – Anthony Daniels

I’ve waxed poetic and nostalgic over Star Wars during the course of the blog. I’ve shared how much it means to me, and how much it has impacted me. How much it has been such a part of my life, and continues to help define it. To say that I love Star Wars is like…

Fan Expo 2019

Somehow just like that, Fan Expo, in its 25th year is over. Packed with a plethora of guests the four day event was filled with fans, booths, collectibles, tees, and a fandom moment for everyone. I was totally eager to see how things played out this year, spending time with friends new and old, and…

Being There (1979) – Hal Ashby

DK Canada’s The Movie Book continues to expand my cinematic knowledge, and today helps me fill in a glaring error in my viewing history, as I settle in for the Peter Sellers classic dramedy Being There. Featuring a screenplay by Jerzy Kosinski, who also penned the original novel, the story follows Sellers (in an Oscar…

The Lost Boys (1987) – Joel Schumacher

My trio of favorite vampire films is now complete with the viewing of 1987’s The Lost Boys. If Fright Night got me into horror movies, and Near Dark showed me how violent and bloody vampires could be, then The Lost Boys showed me how cool vampires could be (and how awesome the occasional vampire hunters…

Ole Timey Radio Presents: The Giant’s Stair

The Giant’s Stair Original Broadcast: December 1, 1938 Starring: JULIAN RICHINGS (imdb: Twitter: @JulianRichings) JESSICA GRECO (imdb: Twitter: @TheJessicaGreco) EMILY SCHOOLEY (imdb: Twitter: @EmilySchooley) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!

Ole Timey Radio Presents: Sherlock Holmes – The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

  Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell Original Broadcast Date: April 7, 1947 Starring: KEVIN HANCHARD (imdb: Twitter: @KevinHanchard) JOSH VOKEY (imdb: Twitter: @joshvokey) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!  

Ole Timey Radio Presents: Red Ryder – Roaring River Renegades

  Red Ryder: Roaring River Renegades Original Broadcast Date: March 22, 1949 Starring: CHRISTIAN POTENZA (imdb: Twitter: @C_Potenza) DON MCCUTCHEON (imdb: Twitter: @McCutcheonDon) JACQUELINE PILLON (imdb: Twitter: @voiceoverqueen) CARIN MOFFAT (imdb: Twitter: @carin_moffat) MARLENE ZISMAN (Twitter: @marlenezisman) NORAH NOBLE (imdb: Twitter: @MsNorahNoble) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!