South Park: The Complete Tenth Season

The tenth season of Comedy Central’s South Park from Paramount Pictures was  on my watch list this week, and I was delighted to find that the laughs and the satire continued through all fourteen episodes. Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone prove they are still at the top of their game as the young boys of the small Colorado town of South Park continue their adventures.

The season opener deals with the much publicised departure of Isaac Hayes, who voiced Chef for the series. And they do it in a very hilarious, and a little distasteful way. But it doesn’t stop there.

In fact there is a fantastic two-parter which skewers The Simpsons, Family Guy, and itself called Cartoon Wars as it deals with the concepts of free speech, freedom of religion, and the portrayal of Muhammad – which is something the Islamic religion forbids. It’s a rather bold topic, and sure it is hidden under lots of jokes as Cartman struggles to have Family Guy cancelled alongside his ally, Bart Simpson but it actually makes a fairly important point about freedom of speech.

The tenth series takes on the game of World of Warcraft, Satan wanting some attention on Halloween, Stan overseeing a Pee Wee hockey team, Al Gore and his obsession with ManBearPig, entitled children, hall monitors and illicit student-teacher relations (which brilliantly sends up Dog the Bounty Hunter) and an insanely funny two-parter that deals with atheism and Cartman’s long wait for the new Nintendo Wii (which then includes some great references to the late 70s take on Buck Rogers including the theme music and opening titles).


It was no doubt incredibly tough to follow up on the success of the previous season, but this one maintains the status quo nicely, with the Warcraft episode being a standout episode, if just for the way the story was realised.

Of course, I also love how they skewer Family Guy, pointing out their goofy storytelling, and jokes that have nothing to do with the plot line.

It’s surprisingly easy to binge an entire season in one sitting, I struggled to dole them out a few at the time. It’s so easy to say just one more, because you know that nothing is sacred to Stone and Parker, and you just can’t wait to see what they skewer next.

As in previous seasons the season includes commentary on all the episodes by Stone and Parker.

The sound and picture on the blu-ray transfer is great and the two disc set makes a great addition to the South Park series and your collection. South Park: The Complete Tenth Season, along with seasons one through eleven, is available now.




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