Geostorm (2017) – Dean Devlin

Dean Devlin and his frequent collaborator, Roland Emmerich have a long history of cinematically destroying iconic landmarks and wreaking international havoc in their films all while A and B list actors run around trying to save the day.

Geostorm, Devlin’s latest directorial effort, releasing on blu-ray and DVD from Warner Brothers today, is no different.

Gerard Butler plays the brilliant, but arrogant scientist, Jake Lawson, who saved the world from extreme climate change by creating a ring of satellites all controlled from the revamped and expanded International Space Station. The world came together, working as one to create the program, known as Dutch Boy, but Lawson’s arrogance gets him kicked off the project, leaving it under the control of the U.S. government with his brother, Max (Jim Sturgess) overlooking it.

Three years later, Dutch Boy seems to be going awry causing the instant freezing of an Afghanistan village, and the President (Andy Garcia) and Leonard Dekkom (Ed Harris) want it brought under control… now. It is after all, an election year.

Max is forced to reach out to his estranged brother to help, and it becomes very clear that someone is using Dutch Boy to achieve their own ends.

This isn’t a new story, heck, the Six Million Dollar Man did something similar, as did the 90s update of The Avengers, Underdog, and G.I. Joe. This time around though, Devlin has a budget to back up his destruction.

Logistics have never been the strong point of Devlin’s films, and I definitely rolled my eyes at the concept of the net, encasing the Earth. His stories are always a little lax, but he has always been good at creating popcorn sequences of mass destruction. Geostorm is no different.


Taking it’s cue from films like Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Earthquake, Towering Inferno, and The Poseidon Adventure we get a large cast facing natural disasters, in this case egged on by Dutch Boy, and the manipulator behind it.

Lawson and his team try to figure things out on the ISS, while Mike and his Secret Service girlfriend, Sarah (Abbie Cornish) figure out who is behind it, while accompanying the president on the campaign trail.

But will the figure it out before the dreaded geostorm strikes the planet?

The baddie reveal is no real surprise, but that’s not why we go to these movies, it’s for the big moments, the big effects scenes, and this has them aplenty.

The blu-ray is rounded out with a trio of features, that take a look at the making of the film as the director and cast are interviewed.

This one is a popcorn flick, it’s not going to change the world, and it sends a couple of mixed messages, but it looks great, and plays beautifully on your home theatre system, as the earth is shaken, and lives are taken, this one keeps the images coming until the credits roll.

Geostorm is available on blu-ray and DVD from Warner Brothers today.


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