Geostorm (2017) – Dean Devlin

Dean Devlin and his frequent collaborator, Roland Emmerich have a long history of cinematically destroying iconic landmarks and wreaking international havoc in their films all while A and B list actors run around trying to save the day. Geostorm, Devlin’s latest directorial effort, releasing on blu-ray and DVD from Warner Brothers today, is no different….

The A-Team (1983) – The Taxicab Wars and Labor Pains

  The A-Team continues to be on the run from the devious Decker (Lance LeGault) in this pair of episodes. First up is The Taxicab Wars, which was written by Cannell with an airdate of 1 November, 1983. Once again we find Mr. T in another (D.C.) cab. This time our heroes are on their…