Doctor Who (Matt Smith) – The God Complex, and Closing Time

The Doctor (Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) find themselves in a spooky hotel when the TARDIS lands in this week’s episode… The God Complex.

Written by Toby Whithouse, this occasionally scary episode first aired on 17 September, 2011.

It seems the hotel that the Time Lord and his Companions are stuck in, along with some other supporting characters is modelled off of a hotel from the 80, that has a minotaur like beast stalking the halls… feeding. And behind the doors, of each of the rooms is something terrifying – each room contains the greatest fear of each person trapped in the hotel.

And there is a room for everyone, even the Doctor.

There is no way out, no windows, no doors, there’s music on a loop, cameras are recording everything and when characters succumb to the fear, they are reminded to ‘praise him.’

As always, things aren’t always what they seem, but at the story’s heart is an examination of faith and fear.

Finally as the episode comes to a close, there are some sad notes to the story, and it actually layers and deepens the characters a little more. But it has a really fun ending for the Ponds, as the Doctor leaves them for awhile.

He wants to make sure they are both safe, something he really hasn’t done for any of his Companions before, no matter how much he cares for them. Of course, we all know it won’t last, and we know, even as the episode ends, that the writers are setting us up for something truly tragic to happen to the Ponds.


Closing Time brings back James Corden’s Craig. Written by Gareth Roberts this episode first debuted on 24 September, 2011.

Sophie (Daisy Haggard) is going on a quick getaway, leaving Craig and their newborn to fend for themselves.

The Doctor arrives and that makes for a little fun, but he is also drawn to the fact that something is happening… and as Craig is quick to point out, if the Doctor is involved, it must mean aliens… the Cybermen are back!

To track them down, the Doctor takes a job in a shop and starts hunting, all while spending time with Craig and the baby, who tells the Doctor that his name is Stormageddon – Dark Lord of All, or Alfie.

The Cyberman story is a bit goofy, but I love the chemistry between Smith and Corden, add in a fun script that plays up their comedic abilities, as well as some enjoyable exchanges with the baby, and you get an episode that lets loose just enough to make us relax, and laugh, before gearing up for the series finale, which is hinted at as the episode comes to its conclusion.

Next week, The Wedding of River Song…



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