Justice League: The Ultimate Guide (2017) – Landry Q. Walker

Warner Brothers unleashes its latest superhero flick in a couple of weeks, Justice League. Now while most of the world know who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are, they may not be familiar with the rest of this superhero team.

Of course those who are have solid opinions already about the casting of yet another Flash, despite the very enjoyable incarnation being depicted currently on television. The DC Cinematic Universe is trying to find its own way.

Still, if you have problems figuring out the difference between the Justice League, and its rotating members, and the Justice Society of America, DK Canada has the book for you!

Justice League: The Ultimate Guide.

Like the other guides DK Books has published, this is a full (if not completely comprehensive) accounting of the origins, history and future of the Justice League; its allies, its enemies, its roster, and a number of their important storylines.

Seeing how the team originated versus where the are now is a study in how comic book storytelling (and art) have progressed. Aimed at younger readers, the Justice League started out as a kid-friendly book, but over the decades has become so much more. attracting strong stories, writers and artists.

We get look at the Crisis events, including my favourite, Identity Crisis, Flashpoint, the launch of The New 52, it lays out timelines, universes, or rather multiverses, as we are introduced to a multitude of Earths and the superhero and villains who exist there.


With beautiful examples of art through the entire existence of the JL, we delve into character profiles (I don’t care what Simon Baz’s origin story is, his Green Lantern uniform looks ridiculous, and I can’t take his character seriously – he looks like a wrestler, not a superhero) locations, and key moments.

This book may have single-handedly done something may have reawoken my interest in DC Comics, I have been and always will be a Superman fan but gave up on the comics forever ago. It’s been a long time since I picked up any issues of any of the DC titles that are out there, but the love and the information that Walker imbues the book with may have roused an interest again.

There is so much history for the Justice League, and its seemingly almost innumerable spin off teams. Teen Titans, Young Justice, the Outsiders, various Justice Leagues around the world, the Injustice League – all of them are touched on, and there are so very many of them. so many iterations through both time and space!

This serves as a wonderful guide, informative, colourful, and everything at the your fingertips. Reading it, and leafing through the pages, I find myself whistling Elfman’s Batman Theme, and Williams’ Superman Theme, and it builds a measure of excitement for the upcoming film.

But maybe I’ll stick to the comics, and my DK Books, those I know I will enjoy!

Justice League: The Ultimate Guide is available now.



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