Doctor Who (David Tennant) – Last of the Time Lords, and Voyage of the Damned

This week it’s up to Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) to save the Doctor (Tennant), Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and her family so the Time Lord can stop the Master (John Simm) from his attempt to take over the world.

The story has moved on some time (a year!) since last week’s episode, but Russell T. Davies script brings us up to date quickly as we join Martha wandering the globe, spreading stories of the Doctor, and planting hope. All so it can build up to a final confrontation.

Airing on 30 June, 2007 the story reveals the true nature of the Toclafane, and lets Martha prove herself triumphant. It also allows her a final decision about journeying in the TARDIS.

This is a very enjoyable episode, because you know, you hope, the Doctor will be restored and when he is, you know there will be a plan. In fact maybe he had a plan all along.

As much as I love Tennant’s Doctor, I love that Martha had so much to do in this episode, she gets a great chance to shine.

Simm’s turn as the Master is probably my favourite in the series, and he and Tennant make a great pairing. The Master is not only evil in this incarnation, he’s downright sadistic, as we see with his treatment of his wife, Lucy (Alexandra Moen).

Also of note is the fantastic makeup work on Tennant to age him.

This episode is a great season finale, and for me, knocks it out of the park!


Voyage of the Damned is the Christmas episode, that aired on 25 December, 2007. It was written by Davies, and features Kylie Minogue as a one-off Companion. But before that, there was the brilliant short that connected the two episodes, Time Crash, made for Children in Need.

Time Crash was penned by Steven Moffat and aired on 16 November, 2007. It features the return of Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, and he and Ten get a brief, geek-happy, interaction that leads right into the prow of the Titanic crashing into the TARDIS.

And that is where Voyage of the Damned picks up. A tourist trip to Earth, with the Doctor sneaking aboard, and discovering, of course, that there is trouble aboard, which the Time Lord has to stop. He meets up with Astrid (Minogue) – and her name caused some questions amongst fans as it is an anagram for TARDIS.

One of the best moments of the episode is the introduction of  Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), if only we’d known then how important he would become. I love the confusion the tour guide has about Earth customs and the fact that people have cleared out of London for Christmas because the past few holidays there’s been lots of trouble…

For the most part, the episode plays a bit like Poseidon Adventure in space. It’s mostly an okay episode, it is not my favourite of the holiday episodes. I don’t know, it just isn’t as fun, and Max Capricorn (George Costigan) as a villain is less than threatening.

Alongside Minogue, the episode guests stars Geoffrey Palmer and Russell Tovey.

Next week, the fourth series gets underway and we see the return of Donna Noble (Catherine Tate).



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