Doctor Who (David Tennant) – Smith and Jones, and The Shakespeare Code

A new companion, Martha Jones (Freema Agyemam), a medical student working in a hospital finds herself joining the Doctor (Tennant) in the TARDIS this week.

Smith and Jones was written by Russell T. Davies and originally aired on 31 March, 2007. Martha and the Doctor discover that the hospital they are in has been transported to the moon. It’s been done by a galactic police force, manned by a rhino-like species known as the Judoon who are attempting to hunt down an alien fugitive known as a Plasmavore.

Unfortunately, they only have so much time before the oxygen runs out.

Right from the off, the series continues its sense of fun and play, as well as actually playing with the temporal as we see with Martha’s first encounter with the Time Lord.

We also see that humans tend to be a panicky bunch when strange things happen, and it’s absolutely wonderful watching a little old lady (Anne Reid) wander about, and then prove herself incredibly menacing simply by pulling out a straw.

The Judoon figure they can track down the plasmavore by scanning all the inhabitants of the hospital since there should only be one alien there. But there’s more than one…

We also get a nod to past events as Martha mentions her cousin (who looks just like her) who died during the Battle of Canary Wharf and the Doctor delights in the discovery that the hospital has a little shop, unlike the one on New Earth.

In the space of a single episode, Martha proves herself a wonderful addition to the TARDIS. That is saying something because Agyeman had big shoes to fill, countless fans loved Rose (Billie Piper), and Donna (Catherine Tate) made a fantastic impression during the Christmas special.

There’s also a mention of the Prime Minister, Saxon… again (as well as some posters saying Vote Saxon).

Fun adventures lay ahead…


The Shakespeare Code comes next, airing on 7 April, 2007, was written by Gareth Roberts. As the title indicates, the Doctor and Martha head back to London, 1599 and meet William Shakespeare (Dean Lennox Kelly) who is hard at work on a play never heard of, a sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost, Love’s Labour’s Won.

Unfortunately, his text is being influenced by a trio of witches, led by Lilith (Christina Cole) who are using the correct turn of phrase to open a gateway that will break the rest of their species, the Carrionites out of the prison they have been kept in for for far too long.

What follows is a very enjoyable romp that sees Shakespeare stealing some of his best lines from the Doctor, who is quoting Shakespeare back to him, and J.K. Rowling gets a wonderful plug at the end.

Martha and the Doctor make a great pair, and there’s a wonderful energy not only to the story, but in their performances as well. They just feel like they are having so much fun.

We also create a tiny thread that won’t be resolved for a number of years, Queen Elizabeth’s (played here by Angela Pleasance) intense anger with the Doctor…

Next time we travel back to New Earth and then on to New York.

The Shakespeare Code


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