The Mind Reels Ole Timey Radio Theatre – Flash Gordon Episode 1


Sue and I have been loving these old radio plays with our friends, and this week, we were delighted to be joined by three amazing, and funny women who brought their A game to place with us as we took on a 1935 radio adaptation of the comic serial, Flash Gordon.

Now Sue and I like to take the smaller roles, and let everyone else play while we just take on the supporting characters, unfortunately the announcer role, the one I tend to play was much larger this time. Oh well.

But we divided up the rest of the roles between our guests, and effectively made an all female cast version of Flash Gordon. Sweet.

Joining us this time around were joined by How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town’s Jessica Greco, Orphan Black’s Zoe de Grand Maison and When Calls the Heart, and Bomb Girls’ Charlotte Hegele.

This was one of our shorter ones, but it was still a lot of fun, and it’s always a joy when actors come to play!

Check it out…

and the brief conclusion…

Sue has the next script picked out, it’s a doozy, and we’re reaching out to our friends, I wonder who will be joining us next time?

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