The Mind Reels chats with Carolyne Maraghi

Last night, Sue and I were fortunate enough to sit down and chat with Carolyne Maraghi thanks to the efforts of our friend, director, Jennifer Liao. Carolyne came in to chat about her role in Jennifer’s new film, the dark comedy with a supernatural bent, End of Days, Inc. now playing, through to Thursday (and possibly longer!) at Carlton Cinemas here in Toronto.

But don’t worry, if you miss it, it will be available on VOD and iTunes in the near future. We also talk briefly about Tatiana Maslany, Picture Day, Dark Angel, her band, the Elastocitizens… check it out below…

and then… my dad called…

If you get the chance, check out End of Days, Inc. while it’s playing here in town, and you call follow Carolyne on Twitter at @CarolyneMaraghi, the movie @EndOfDaysInc, Sue @marajade29sm, and me @MindReels.



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