Toronto Fringe: All Our Yesterdays


Bold, beautiful, and packing a powerful emotional punch, All Our Yesterdays from writer/director Chloe Hung features masterful performances from Amanda Weise and Chiamaka Umeh.

In April of 2014, 276 girls in Chibook, Nigeria were abducted by the Boko Haram (western education is forbidden), simply because they were seeking an education. Stolen as they sat down to their exams. Inspiring a worldwide outrage promoted under the #BringBackOurGirls it blazed across media, but months later, other tragedies had struck and Nigeria disappeared from the news feeds.

But the horrors are still occurring.

Hung brings the story from our Twitter and Facebook feeds and puts it front and centre, precisely where it needs to be. Unflinchingly real, and filled with raw emotions, brilliant brought to life by the two leads, we are introduced to Ladi (Weise) and Hasana (Umeh). Sisters. Family. They have history, grievances, betrayals and even painful secrets as only a family can have, but they are always there for one another, and there is always love.

The story moves from the girls being held by their captors, under the imminent threat of rape and death, to their past growing up together where Ladi has been charged with minding her younger sister, who suffers from asperger’s. Ladi sees this impacting her entire life, and wants to be her own person, not just one half of a duo. When the opportunity comes along to have something of her own, by going away to school, Hasana is left to her own devices, longing to learn, understand, and have an education of her own.

Through it all, the two are inseparable, but each of them will have to face the horror and the very dangerous threat that Boko Haram and those groups like it pose to people the world over.

An emotional ride, superbly acted and a very important story this is one not to be missed.

Check it out on Saturday at 9:15 or Sunday at noon. Get your tickets here.


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