Fringe Toronto: Becoming Burlesque

fringe-festival-torontoLast night was the opening night, at the Al Green Theatre, for the cabaret/revue/burlesque narrative, Becoming Burlesque. Working with the Love Letters Cabaret Dancers, director and writer, Jackie English (who shares directing credit with Sebastian Marziali), brings to life a glimpse into the burlesque world, featuring scintillating choreography from Pastel Supernova.

The bare bones of a story follows a young woman, wonderfully portrayed by Jackie English (honestly, it was difficult not to form a bit of a crush on the character, and by extension the actress, for the way she imbues her creation with naivety, innocence, seduction, and oh so much humor), who is working in a rather busy cabaret, and works her way up to taking the stage, first working as a kitten (policing up the shorn garments on the stage floor) to being involved in the show itself until she’s ready to perform a tease all on her own.

Filled with great music, featuring all local performers, the music does, at times, overshadow the dialogue making it difficult to hear, but the story is easy enough to follow, and the performances by all of the women, each stunning in their own way, is the true focus of the event.

The audience was completely enraptured by the performances (and a rather enjoyable audience participation moment), each one sensual, suggestive, and emotive, breaking into applause often and with good reason, as English’s soon to be christened character learns the ropes, tassels, moves, and pasties.

The cast alongside English, included Kasia Rheann( Minou), Amber-Kelly Mackereth (Azura), Knox Harter, Julie McLaughlin (Revel), Sweet Rosie Mae, Thrasher, and Liana Lewis (Petra), is all amazingly talented, and it is readily apparent that the art (and it is an art) of burlesque is in extremely talented hands. and other body parts.

Becoming Burlesque plays again today at noon, Sun the 5th, Monday the 6th, Wednesday the 8th, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th. You can get your tickets here.



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  1. Photo by Chris Hutcheson!

    1. TD Rideout says:

      And a great photo it is!

      1. Thanks for the shout out! Great performances help!

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