Fringe Toronto: My Big Fat German Puppet Show


As of this writing, I’ve only seen four shows so far this year at Fringe, and I’ve loved them all, but last night’s performance, its opening night at Fringe, of My Big Fat German Puppet Show was  AMAZING! And I wasn’t the only one, by show’s end, the audience was on its feet giving Frank Meschkuleit a standing ovation.

Performed in the St. Vladimir Theatre, lending itself very well to the cabaret feel of the show which features Meschkuleit donning a German accent, making wonderful asides, and a fat suit, which encases a world of wonder in the form of a puppet stage in his belly.

Meshhkuleit is engaging, and charming as a performer, making the 50 minute show fly by with his commentary, wit and jokes, but it is when his puppets are on that the show truly shines. He introduces us to some wonderful characters, including a zombie, a familiar scientist, and a tiny little German who belts out a unique version of a Bob Marley tune.

I laughed. And by laugh, I mean I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. There are so many brilliant moments, the roar of our laughter, pushing at the seams of the rooftop, and flowing onto the stage must have been a bit of a rush, because there was one priceless instant, when Meschkuleit almost broke character, beginning to succumb to the laughter that he had so induced into his audience.

I don’t want to give any of the show away, all I can tell you was that I didn’t want it to end, I was in tears from the laughter, and Meschkuleit knows how to work his audience. If you see only one show, and are in dire need of solid laughs in your life, THIS is the one to see.

This, bound to be a show favorite, can be seen today at 4, Monday the 6th, Wednesday the 8, Thursday the 9th, Friday the 10th, and Saturday the 12th.

You can buy tickets for this one here.


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