Issues Vol. 8

This week I’ve got four great books, and 1 miss, though that one was my choice and not endorsed by Kirk at West End Comics, so his status remains untarnished. That being said let’s dive in to see what I was reading last night, and allow me the opportunity, once again, to pop into West End Comics, say hi to Kirk, dog, Satchel, and get a wicked recommendation on reading material.

spireThe Spire (Boom Comics) issue 1, story by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Jeff Stokely, colours by Andre May and letters Steve Wands. This is going to be a fun one, it feels like a British take on a manga (causing me to love both the art and the dialogue (I hear it all in British accents, and it’s a lot of fun, especially the rhyming character) from the outset). Set in a fantasy world filled with mutants and humans, a new baroness is taking the throne and the call has been sent out for all non-human kingdoms in the area to come to The Spire to reaffirm their allegiance. Meanwhile a City Watch officer, the mutant, or sculpted, Sha begins to investigate a strange murder in the lower levels, and the victim has connections to the throne…

In short, I think this one is going to be really amazing.

And here it is… my mistake…

MV-Remix_Issue-5_Print-Cover_LayersMiami Vice: Remix (IDW) issue 5 features a story by Joe Casey, art and letters by Jim Mahfood, colours by Justin Stewart and Steven Chunn. I had to look at an issue , I had to! I love the series (and will no doubt revisit it for the blog at some point in the future), so I felt I had to look at what they could do with the concept and world in comic form…  And I shouldn’t have. There wasn’t a single thing I liked about the issue, and that hurts to say because I love the television series so very much, the music, the look, the style, I also enjoyed the 2006 update, so I was ready to take this version on. No. No. NO! Set in the now, though with the art and lettering it’s hard to tell, Crockett and Tubbs are pursuing Calderone (all good signs as nods to the series) who in this incarnation is dealing bath salts, and our boys go to take him down, after facing off with some guy with a super-powered metal hand (lost me there if the art and everything else didn’t do it beforehand) and then it’s hinted that Calderone has some kind of powers (wtf?!) and Tubbs can sense him (seriously… Wtf?). I was hoping for a cool update on a groundbreaking television series. This isn’t it.

westandWe Stand On Guard (Image Comics – how much am I loving this company!) issue 1. Written by Brian k. Vaughan, with art by Steve Skroce, colours by Matt Hollingsworth and letters by Fonografiks… Oh, Canada. It had to happen… It took until 2112 (an in-joke and my favorite Rush album!) but it had to happen. War between the United States and Canada! A young woman, Amber, finds herself losing her family in the opening round of the attack, and then as the U.S. goes after our water, she ends up falling in with a band of freedom fighters in the Northwest Territories, the Two-Four. Action-packed, bloody, packed with nods to Canadian culture everywhere this looks great, has sharp dialogue and could be a lot of fun… Or cause a war.

leia5Star Wars: Princess Leia (Marvel Comics) issue 5 (final). Written by Mark Waid, pencils by Terry Dodson inks by Rachel Dodson, colours by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Joe Caramagna. In the concluding issue of this far too short series, Leia is rescued from her captors and she, Evaan, R2 and Nien Numb make good their escape but learn they only have minutes to rouse the last of the Alderaanians to fight when an imperial star destroyer arrives in the fleet’s midst. A fine conclusion, great art (that took an issue or two to grow on me, but I’ve been loving the covers) , a great look at Leia’s character and the effect the war has had on her and her people. I’d still want more of this title, perhaps there will be one-shots and other mini-series as we continue towards and after the Force Awakens in December.

Star_Wars_Darth_Vader_Vol_1_7Star Wars: Darth Vader (Marvel Comics) issue 7. Written by Kieron Gillen, art by Salvador Larroca, colours by Edgar Delgado and letters by Joe Caramagna. This issue begins a new story, Shadows and Secrets – Darth, with Aphra at his side, visits Tatooine to learn what he can about his son, visiting the burnt out Lars homestead and the Kenobi place (where Luke so recently squared off against Boba Fett) before taking off for Son-tuul to remove a Rodian crime lord. A petty task, but it looks to be part of a new plan and features some familiar bounty hunters and possibly seeing Aphra playing both sides… Like the other Star Wars titles on odder right now, I love the art, the story is great, and the homage shot of Vader watching the dual sunset as Luke did is perfect…

Until next time… Hit up West End Comics! And tell Kirk I sent you!

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