The Greatest American Hero (1982) – Now You See It and The Hand-Painted Thai


Patrick Hasburgh writes the first episode up this week, Now You See It, which originally aired 20 January, 1982. When Ralph (William Katt) has to look after Pam’s (Connie Sellecca) cat, things get a little bizarre, but it may allow the awkward superhero a chance to save his lady-love before she dies in plane crash.

Bill (Robert Culp) is less than happy about having the furball along, on what was supposed to be some coaching and training with ralph, especially as it seems he is allergic… He gets even more freaked out, when the cat’s connection allows Ralph to see the crash in the future, recover its black box, and learn where it is flying from, all before the plan has left the ground!

It seems that Pam, who is on her way to D.C. to help out with a patent, is caught up in something big. The patent is for a cloaking device for a plane, and it seems a couple of terrorists want it… But the U.S. government will shoot them down before they can escape with it.

It seems there is trouble on all sides for Ralph and Bill in this one, and he may only have precious moments to save Pam from a fiery death. And the stabilizers Bill had designed for the suit don’t seem to have helped Ralph’s flying at all.

A fairly run of the mill episode, but it’s the banter between Bill and Ralph that keeps me coming back, and Bill is just such a great character, he’s the perfect foil for Ralph, and the two together are priceless.


The Hand-Painted Thai was penned by Cannell, Frank Lupo, and Hasburgh. This one aired 27 January, 1982. General Vin Chow (John Fujioka), with his aide Colonel Shawn Liang (James Shiveta) conducted experiments during the Vietnam war, and planted post-hypnotic suggestions into a number of POWs.

Now, back in the states, Liang is loath to give up his capitalist lifestyle, when Chow orders the sleepers activated. But activate them he does, as a plan goes into effect to attack the United States from the inside.

When one of Bill’s co-workers, Tim Lider (Kurt Grayson) is revealed to be involved, our heroes investigate. But Bill himself may have been implanted with a suggestion… though this one accidentally by Pam during a hypnotism stage show.

This, allows for a lot of fun, as the word is one all fans of the show will recognize, and one that Bill uses often enough that he can send himself into a trance.

But while the comedic antics play out, he and Ralph try to figure out what is going on, and how to stop Chow once and for all, before anymore lives can be taken!

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