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I’be been meaning to start this blog for awhile as I have a great little comic store at the end of my street, West End Comics, and the gent who runs it, one Kirk by name has been very kind to pull my weekly comics and always has great recommendations for me…

So what’s in my reading pile this week?

southern-cross-webSouthern Cross Issue 03 – written by Becky Cloonan with art by Andy Belanger, colours by Lee Loughbridge and letters by Serge La Pointe, this is a fantastic science fiction tale following a young woman, Alex Braith, on her way to Titan to learn the fate of her sister, but things are getting spooky and creepy real quick…

I’m not always sure about the art, but I do like the story and the dialogue a lot. It’s a fully realized world, and things definitely aren’t all that they appear to be, as the longer the journey goes on, the more mysterious and terrifying the transit becomes.

Definitely a good read for science fiction fans who like a little terror and mystery amongst the stars.

IDW Star Trek (nuTrek ongoing) #45 Eurydice, Part 3Star Trek Issue 45 – Written by Mike Johnson, art by Tony Shasteen, colours by Davide Mastrolonardo and letters by Neil Uyetake. Since the J.J. Abrams reboot, IDW has followed the new Enterprise and her crew. We’re into the 5 year mission now, but the ship has been transported to the Delta Quadrant and slowly working their way home. The ship, the characters, and most importantly, the dialogue, all look and sound like the new versions of the characters, which is good because these stories are currently considered canon in the new universe.

In the 3rd part of Eurydice, our heroes who have no dilithium, have been towed to a space port by a scavenger, but it seems she has other plans in mind, and our heroes find themselves up against an alien threat they aren’t prepared for.

The Human Adventure Continues…

EFNY_06_A_MainEscape From New York Issue 06 – There are two Carpenter characters gracing the comic pages lately, and this week it is Snake Plissken’s opportunity to hold my attention. With a story by Christopher Sebela, art by Diego Barrreto, colours by Marissa Louise and letters by Ed Dukeshire, this series feels a little hit and miss (Snake talks way too much). I’m not a huge fan of all the art, images that could be iconic and pop off the page don’t but the character of Snake is just so damned cool I keep coming back for more! Caught up in the war again, Snake is looking for a way out, looking out only for himself, and being pursued by a number of people who want him dead…

I love the fact that the series picks up at the end of New York, I’m not sure how or if they will tie L.A. into it, and they seem to have a fairly strong handle on the world, I just wish the art was a bit stronger…

Star_Wars_Darth_Vader_5_coverStar Wars: Darth Vader Issue 05 – written by Kieron Gillen, with gorgeous art by Salvador Larroca, colours by Edgar Delgado and letters by Joe Caramagna this is one of four canon titles that Marvel is running since Disney purchased the rights to the series. Vader has been shamed by the Emperor since the destruction of the Death Star. Vader is trying to learn the identity of the pilot who blew the station up, while also trying to find his way through the secrets and subterfuge the Emperor has created around him.

The panels are gorgeous, and the story so far is brilliant, and you can see where it connects to the story that is running in the main Star Wars title.

It has introduced us to some new characters as well as familiar ones, revisited some old locations, and staged some gorgeous action sequences. A much stronger series than Marvel’s original Star Wars seventies that ran from the late 70s to early 80s… And it just builds up my excitement for December!

hoard3Howard the Duck Issue 03 – I picked up the first issue of this when it came out simply from curiosity, and now I’m hooked. With a story by Chip Zdarsky, art by Joe Quinones, inks by Joe Rivera, colours by Rico Renzi and letters by Travis Lanham, Howard finds himself in one ridiculous situation after another, and interacting with other Marvel inhabitants.

It’s unusual for me to laugh out loud at something I’m reading, but this does it on a regular basis – the dialogue is sharp, the art, while verging on cartoon-like, serves the story perfectly, and our feathered hero, now working as a private investigator finds himself on some pretty odd cases as he tries and deals with the humans around him, and the strange incidents he gets involved in  (his interactions with Rocket Raccoon last issue were priceless!).

So that’s what I’m reading, what are you picking up from your local comic shop? And if you live in TO on the west side, pop into West End Comics on Queen and ask Kirk for a recommendation…

And you can follow him @WestEndComics



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