Barn Wedding (2014) – Shaun Benson


The Canadian Film Fest continues at 9:30 tonight at the Royal Cinema on College St with Barn Wedding, directed by Shaun Benson, and written by our friend Kelly McCormack. The short before it, Job Interview, directed by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll and Tim Moore features a rather funny, and sometimes uncomfortable interview where all one’s past mistakes come back to haunt them.

Barn Wedding is an emotionally packed drama, that focuses on the wedding of Colin (Brett Donahue) and Emma (Emily Coutts). Jessie (Kelly McCormack) has just arrived back in time to serve as Maid of Honor. Emma drops two bombs on her. The wedding is in two weeks. The wedding is in a barn.

So friends and family gather in the midst of winter in a remote location and as the days progress they come to realize that life is never what you had planned, but is created by the choices we make, who we choose to be, and the people we fill our lives with. Over the course of the rehearsal dinner and partying, truths will out, friendships will be reforged, some will be broken, and Colin and Emma will have to decide how they face life.

It seems that life experiences mixed with expectations can make a mess of everything, and sometimes even friends and family are no help.

I was also delighted to see our friend Lara-Jean Chorostecki play the whirlwind and tightly wound character of, Jacquie, who alongside her husband, Derrick (Shaun Benson) make for some awkward family moments.

This film, like its characters, is open, honest, and ponders about life, relationships, and how we all fit together.

Get your tickets here.


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