Shooting the Musical (2014) – Joel Ashton McCarthy


At 7pm this evening the next round of features for the Canadian Film Fest starts at the Royal Cinema on College St. The first feature, Shooting the Musical, is preceded by the fantastic short She Sings For Me directed by Rebecca Davey – a fun little love story with a wonderfully quirky and completely adorable performance by Marie-Claire Marcotte.

This was another film where the poster simply did not do the film justice. Also known as After Film School, this faux documentary, follows a number of film school graduates, who come together to make the film of one of their classmates who committed suicide, the talented, Maximus (Lee Shorten). His roommate, and fellow film school grad, Adam (Bruce Novakowski), a bit socially awkward with a fixation on dick jokes, finds the script, and *ahem* tweaks it, and recruits a crazy cast and crew, including Maximus’ ex, Aubrey (Rebecca Strom).

As Adam lies, deals with prima donnas, a tight, five-day shooting schedule, and a looming premiere at a film festival, he strives to make a film about high school shootings, and make it a musical at the same time.

Once this one really gets rolling, I was quite wrapped up in it, it’s fun, eccentric, proves that yes, despite the taboo nature of high school shootings, a laugh can, in fact be had, and there are some surprisingly emotional moments.

Everything seems to be going really well for Adam, but the truth will out, and what will happen to the film and its director then?




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