Relative Happiness (2014) – Deanne Foley


The Canadian Film Fest continues this evening, beginning at 7pm at the Royal Cinema on College St.

Deanne Foley directs the rom-com feature, Relative Happiness, which this evening is preceded by the beautifully shot short, Speak Now, directed by Raj Ramnauth, which is about a relationship leading up to the big day…

Relative Happiness stars Melissa Bergland opposite our friend Aaron Poole, and is shot in lovely, rural Nova Scotia. Lexie (Bergland), a plus-sized woman, runs a B&B in Nova Scotia, and laments the fact that she can’t seem to find love, or more importantly, a date for her sister’s wedding. When a traveling photographer, Adrian (Johnathan Sousa), looks like he’s able to fill both of those requirements, hilarity ensues, especially as the handyman, Joss (Poole in an understated and warm performance), who’s working on the roof of her house, seems like a better match for her, and knows it.

Like all romantic-comedies, it’s not the person she thinks she should be with, it’s the person we know she’s supposed to be with and the journey she takes from there to its discovery. And in this film, much like life itself, everything isn’t always as it appears to be.

Bergland simply shines as Lexie. She’s honest, engaging and gives a hilarious, and incredibly heartfelt performance. She’s a joy to watch. By turns funny, romantic and poignant  this one is a gentle discourse on finding someone to love and the bonds of family.

Check it out tonight at the Canadian Film Fest, you can buy your tickets here.


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