Late Night Double Feature (2014) – Navin Ramaswaran, Zach Ramelan & Torin Langenkamp


The Canadian Film Fest has a double feature this evening at the Royal Cinema on College St, the late show, screening at 9:30, is a horror comedy, preceded by the dark, moody and secretive short, Burn the Tapes from Nick and Brit Kewin.

I was a little dubious about Late Night Double Feature, neither the poster, nor the trailer particularly grabbed my attention. But, as I settled into watch this one, I realized that it was basically a horror comedy anthology, using the framing device of a cable show, Dr. Nasty’s (Brian Scott Carleton) Cavalcade of Horror to tell its macabre tells. And the further the film progressed, more I began to enjoy it. It’s the UHF of comedy horror; it’s filled with late night cheesiness and blood.

Dr. Nasty hosts a late night feature show, replete with terrible ads, and movie trailers, including one featuring cult fave Robert Nolan as Night Clown. The first film on display, features our friend Sandra DaCosta looking ravishing in the aptly titled, Dinner for Monsters, which features a struggling chef (Nick Smyth), preparing a dinner party for a group of cannibals.

The second feature, Slit, is about a professional cutter, Brad (Colin Price), catering to his niche market. Unfortunately, he gets involved in a job that goes dangerously wrong, not only for him, but possibly all his clients as well…

Meanwhile, back in the studio, Nasty is an abusive alcoholic that goes too far too often, including assaulting his co-host Sam/Nurse Nasty (Jamie Elizabeth Sampson), overseeing the bizarre and crazy show, is TV director, Shawn (our pal Mike Donis).

It’s impossible to predict what will happen next when you’re live on air… you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Late Night Double Feature and Burn the Tapes, screens tonight… buy your tickets here.




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