WolfCop (2014) – Lowell Dean

Get ready to howl, as the B-movie flick that caught everyone’s attention last year hits DVD today thanks to Anchor Bay! With its tongue planted so firmly in its cheek, it’s a wonder that the wolf can howl at all, this film heartily embraces and savages it Canadian and B-movie origins, while showcasing some fantastic practical effects.

In the small town of Woodhaven, renowned for its annual Drink and Shoot contest, deputy Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) – catch the world play there? – would rather get wasted than perform his duties. As punishment he’s assigned the night shift, and after taking a call about a disturbance in the woods, an incident he can’t remember the following morning, he wakes with heightened senses, a pentagram carved on his chest, and a bit of a hair problem when the moon comes out.

The most important thing to remember about watching this movie is that it doesn’t take itself very seriously, and as such, neither should you. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not, it simply enjoys its concept and plays things goofy and bloody right down the line, and covered with a heavy layer of cheese.

With his newfound powers, WolfCop finds himself up against a troubling threat… there are shape-shifters living in Woodhaven, and they are preparing for the Reckoning, which will allow them to drain the werewolf’s blood and use it to maintain their own appearances for the next couple of decades.


As WolfCop continues his investigations, and he learns that not everything is as it seems, and he has a hard time figuring out who can be trusted… the lovely bar owner, Jessica (Sarah Lind)? The mayor (Corinne Conley)? Cop of the month, and every month, Tina (Amy Matysio)? Willie (Jonathan Cherry), the local conspiracy nut?

The film is crass, gross, often hilarious, has some great practical effects and a decidedly healthily embraced low-brow approach to honouring its B-movie traditions. If you aren’t ready for a B-movie where a guy can be a drunkard, a cop and a werewolf all at once, this may not be for you. But, on the other hand, if you want something insanely goofy, with some truly enjoyable moments (and some questionable ones; it’s not all great) then grab a drink (or two or three) and settle in for this ridiculously stupid and fun addition to werewolf cinema.

I do like the transformation scenes, they look painful, pay homage to Rick Baker and his amazing work, but also have a strong sense of humour running through them, as the first transformation shows. I also love the fact that it creates its own mythology, and completely embraces it as real without question.

And finally, my favorite practical moment (it made me laugh so hard) is when WolfCop rips some guy’s face right off, and you’re left there with a screaming skull!

So if this sounds like you’re thing… check it out today, available from Anchor Bay!









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