Toronto Comicon 2015


Sue and I love our conventions, just as much as we love film festivals, set visits, and chatting to new friends on our show, so we were delighted to learn that we’ll be covering Toronto’s first con of the season, Toronto Comicon!!

As usual, Sue and I hope to bring our informal and relaxed style to our interactions with any of the guests we get to chat and catch up with. There are friends from Orphan Black (Kristian Bruun, Kevin Hanchard, and Ari Millen), friends from Defiance (Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Jaime Murray, Jesse Rath, and Tony Curran), and pals from Bitten (Steve Lund, Greg Bryk, Tommie-Amber Pirie and Tammy Isbell). We hope we get to see and chat with them, so stay tuned on that front.

But there are some other folks we’d love to see and chat with, Morena Baccarin, Karen Gillan, Amber Benson, J. August Richards, Shannen Doherty, Christopher Judge, Terry Farrell, Chad Coleman and Dickey Beer!

And then of course there will be all the amazing artists, the fantastic fans (I do enjoy seeing some of those amazing costumes), and countless things that we just stumble across… and sometimes those are pretty damned cool.

Our plan is to post any interviews we get as quickly as possible, so you can share our excitement, our informal style seems to resonate with our fans and our guests, and we love to share that.

We’ll be tweeting pics, Facebooking and of course, we’ll be compiling our daily adventures into a post at the end of each day so you can check out everything that happened!

Sue and I are definitely due for a con visit… I need a couple of new geeky tees.

Will we see you there? Who are you most looking forward to seeing? and if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, hit the site here.


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