ABCs of Death 2 (2014) – Various


Available today from Video Services Corps. is a second installment in what is bound to be an ongoing series, ABCs of Death 2. Like the first collection, 26 different directors are given a letter from the alphabet, and are asked to concoct a short film featuring a demise caused by something involving that letter.

The first collection is alternately scary, bloody, laugh out loud hilarious and sometimes downright creepy.

Much like its previous instalment this one has its hits and misses but, just like the last one, it tends to be pretty entertaining, filled with gore, laughs, blood and scares.

The blu-ray comes with commentary from the directors as well as making of featurettes for every single one of the shorts.

And that is the cool thing about this series, it’s a number of shorts, 26 of them, that allow a number of artists to tell a variety of stories and experiment with storytelling methods, editing, effects, ideas and themes.

Unlike the previous instalment this one just feels a little more well put together. It just feels and looks a little more slick, and not in a bad commercialism kind of way.

It features shorts from the world over, both live action and animated that showcases talents and styles that may, otherwise, be missed.



There does a seem to be more laughs this time around to around. It’s a chance for some great stories that probably wouldn’t work as features but definitely entertain as shorts.

There are some great bits, including one involving a courtroom and zombies… A wish that leads to a strange fantasy world that isn’t as cool or as safe as the toys, watch for an appearance by the fantastic Soska Twins here. They also have a short on here under T and it’s one of my faves.

There are definitely more hits than misses this time around and it makes me rather eager and hopeful that a third instalment will make its appearance.

As I said, is a great way to showcase odd short films that run the gambit from entertaining to incredibly bizarre and sometimes both at the same time.

It’s also a bit like a sampler. If you like one of the shorts, you can chase down the rest of the director’s work. There are definitely a couple I’ll be following from here on out.

This is a great little flick and a number of them are bound to entertain. So if you like horror, odd stories, a healthy dose of blood and gore, then check out The ABCs of Death 2, available on DVD and Blu-Ray today.


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