The Pinkertons S01E02 -Double Shot


Adam Moore’s and Kevin Abrams’ Wild West mystery series continues this week with its second episode.

The series is still setting its tone and pacing, and maybe I’ve been watching too many mystery shows lately, but this one was easily resolved. On the upside, there is some nice character development and back story for our characters.

Allan (Angus Macfadyen), William (Jacob Blair) and Kate (Martha MacIsaac) find themselves investigating a murder that is embroiled in bootlegging and embezzling. We get to meet a number of unsavory characters, as Kansas City begins to fill out with what will no doubt be recurring characters and locations.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is that it’s hinted that Allan was a boxer at one point, so hopefully that will pay off down the line. He also gets to use a disguise and have some fun, ever so briefly. I think he and MacIssac’s character have the potential to be the most fun, as William Pinkerton already seems to be designed to be the fun one, so it’ll be all the more entertaining when the other two get to cut loose.

When a whiskey baron ends up dead, suspects pop up and drop like flies as our trio compares evidence (including blood splatter tests), alibis, confessions and stories.

I love that the show embraces its historical background, that court was held in the local saloon as most towns didn’t have a city hall or local court.


I quite like the characters, I think Allan and Kate make a great pairing, and William, while impulsive, will learn a lot from the introduction of Kate to the mix.

One thing I am really hoping to see is more of John (Ray Strachan). He is going to be an interesting character, and honestly, I think he and Kate would make a great pairing. We’ll see where the series goes as it’s still early days. But I think with the two of them, there will be a fantastic opportunity to tell some great stories, as well as confront issues of racism, that were no doubt still prevalent at the time, and sadly, seem to rear their ugly heads far too often today.

As I look back at the two episodes so far, I can see the possibility for a lot of potential in this series, I think it will end up having a wonderful sense of fun about it, balancing fun stories with dramatic ones, and will allow us to look at things in a new way through the stories they tell.

I’m a little anxious about next week’s episode, as it seems that Allan won’t be around for it. It will no doubt prove a strong episode for Kate and William, but I like the idea of them as a trio as opposed to a duo.

Let’s see what happens though.

The Pinkertons air tonight on your local CHCH channel here in Canada.




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