The Mind Reels Tackle the Canadian Screen Awards 2014


Sue and I were elated to be able to take part in the Canadian Screen Awards festivities this week, including two galas and the broadcast event this past Sunday night at the Sony Centre. We wanted to tweet and post all night, and even had a plan to do all kinds of #legoselfies, but the night was just incredibly amazing on its own, and we simply held on for the ride!

We thought that perhaps the Social Media Lounge, which is the area we were allowed to be in, was in a sequestered room somewhere to tweet and Facebook our way through the broadcast as we made notes… Imagine our stunned surprise, to find ourselves right next to the Red Carpet.


The entire dynamic of the evening changed immediately!


We checked in shortly after 4pm, and caught up with Katie Chats, who has her own show on Smithee.TV, just like Sue and I, and we wandered down into what quickly became a bustling hive of activity. Press, magazine, webshows, tv hosts were all in abundance, prepping, reviewing nominees, getting final touch-ups.

Sue and I grabbed a table, and geared up for what we knew was going to be an evening of activity! We met and chatted with the brilliant folks at Touchwood PR, caught up with some familiar and new faces for us at the NFB, gabbed with the folks at Hello! Canada, and took in the surroundings.

Once again, people were focussed on reporting the winners, snapping pics of the stars, and asking who are you wearing, while Sue and I just marveled at the activity around us.


And we were right here in the middle of it all!

As things got underway, before we knew exactly how cool everything was going to be, we did a couple of #legoselfies to set ourselves up for the evening…


But as soon as people started making their entrances, everything became brilliantly, adrenaline-driving, organized chaos! I loved it!!

In quick order, the space alongside the carpet was filled with reporters and photogs, and we watched excitedly to see who we would see, as people kept arriving.

We saw our friend Adam Korson from City TV’s Seed…


I was wandering back and forth along the walkway, and then Sue and I decided to do the best we could to break Twitter and blow up the internet by posting a couple of pics of Lost Girl’s Zoie Palmer, who was given the Fan Favorite Award.


Things were getting really busy, there were rumored glimpses of Tatiana Maslany, and David Cronenberg, but we hadn’t seen either of them yet, but that didn’t stop us from prowling and constantly tweeting with #CDNScreen14. Everytime we walked by the screen featuring a running Twitter feed, I was gleefully excited to see our original tweets, and retweets filling it on occasion (Than you all for that!!).

I was walking back towards Sue, after grabbing a quick drink, when I saw someone in the Media Lounge taking a moment, as he knew he had a full night ahead… I’d yet to meet him, but we’re eager to get him into the studio at some point… Jason Priestley was right there!



Sue and I were just having a grand ole time, until a stunning vision stepped up onto the phot dais, and I had to stop, and literally said, “Cheeses! Is that Helene?” Meaning, of course, Murdoch Mysteries Doctor Ogden, Helene Joy, who gave me a quick wave and hello before posing for pictures.



Well I was snapping a quick pic, Sue was having a pretty special moment, as our friend, Anna Silk, Bo from Lost Girl, paused in giving her interview to call out, “Hi Sue!”

Sue, caught completely unawares, broke into a huge grin, and waved with both hands.

When Anna moved on to her next interview, before she saw me, I got a chance to snap this quick picture…


Anna is one of the most warm and genuine people I have ever met, and is completely down-to-earth, so was more than willing to pose for a couple of selfie pics with us, after her photo shoot on the dais.



Both Sue and I were ecstatic when we heard a very familiar voice speaking from the red carpet, and looked to see Bomb Girls Meg Tilly giving an interview! Sue and I adore Meg and have had an opportunity to quickly say hi and chat with her a couple of times here in TO, but it delights to no end that she recalls us everytime we meet. So as I was walking in for a quick handshake, she pulls me into a hug. She’s so awesome!


So calling Sue over, which caused Meg to light up again, we decided to have a quick pic, and give a shout out to all the Bomb Girl fans!


We also have lots of love for Seed, so was glad to see our friend Laura De Carteret, who’s interview is coming up on the show soon, watch for that, as she’s such a joy to talk with…


Shortly after that, the carpet began to die down as the pre-show awards began, ramping up into a huge celebration of Canadian film and television, hosted by Martin Short, where the best of the year walked away with deserved accolades!

Call Me Fitz, starring Jason Priestley won Best Comedy Series, Orphan Black took Best Dramatic Series, Lost Girl took Favorite Series, David Cronenberg was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Viggo Mortensen, alongside Maria Bello. Mortensen, of course, shot History of Violence with Bello and Cronenberg as well as Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method.

I was just stunned to see him there! (and speaking of stunned, I was gobsmacked when I saw Zachary Levi walking by with Rookie Blue’s Missy Peregrym, I simply blurted out “Zach!” He called back to ask me how I was, and all I could come back with was, “Good! You?!” – Chuck Bartowski… I miss you).


We got to say hi to Supernatural’s Liane Balaban, with the hopeful intention of having her join us in the studio some day soon!!


We cheered for Orphan Black, and actually, most of the Social Media Lounge did as well, at least the ones who weren’t busy typing, facebooking, or tweeting the news! So we were very delighted that when Jordan Gavaris saw us, he popped over for a quick pic!


It was a simply stunning night, and while Sue and I weren’t completely out of our element, because we had been given access, at this point, we were happy to sit back, watch things that happened, chat to people we knew, make some new inroads, and meet new peoples, but we didn’t want to detract from any of the bigger outlets or more importantly the people who were celebrating their work that night.

So we were quite happy to have a sit down and a beer (or two), tweet things that happened, and just generally walked around with big grins plastered on our faces…


But when we heard Lost Girl taking Favorite Series we knew he had to cheer on Anna and Zoie and offer them hugs and congrats when they came down, and of course, do our best to break Twitter again with another pic…


Sue and I, we think, get how nights like that work now, and plan to go even bigger next year, if we’re lucky enough to be granted the access again. We still have our sense of wonder, and joy over seeing our shows and movies win, and we delight in seeing those people we know recognized for their work. We don’t ever want to lose that, but you’d better believe that next time around, I think we’re going in there with cameras rolling, with the full force of Smithee TV behind us.

It was an amazing experience, and thank you to Touchwood PR for setting it up for us.

We will continue to support, love and talk about the amazing films and television coming out of our beloved country and delight as we watch that love spread across the globe.

Congratulations to everyone who one Sunday night! We love you all!!


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  1. Sean says:

    Hah! Looked like you had a blast!

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