Burlington Toy Con January 2014


It’s a new year, and Sue and I are ready to tackle each ToyCon as they come along in search of elusive memories, long sought after memorabilia, and things that just strike us as cool.

Braving the bitter bite of January, we clambered aboard the Go Train (one of our favorite ways to travel) and found our way out to Burlington and the Holiday Inn on South Service Road.

I was eager to see what we would find, as every time we’d attended a ToyCon we’d met some amazing vendors and collectors. Everyone seemed eager to talk about their wares, or the mutual love of finding that treasure that you have been seeking for so long (I’m always on the look out for an original colonial viper and cylon raider toys from the original Battlestar Galactica – I know I won’t get one with firing torpedoes, but, man, I loved those toys when I was a kid!!).

Sue, with her list in hand – she’s collecting the original Kenner run of Star Wars figures from 1978 to 1985 – began browsing bins and tables, and my eyes would dart and alight on many a thing that jogged a memory, or fanned some childhood flame.

We wandered through, catching a glimpse of the Mego Rocket Robin Hood action figure, very cool, and then following our first pass around the room, dug in for the second, more important exploration.

This time it paid off, Sue picked up a number of figures to round out her collection, and we both found Merry Melodies glass milk bottles, and, of course, I put mine right into circulation…


These jaunts down memory lane are always welcome, and never seem to long or too short, but just right, just as soon as we’re beginning to lament the loss of our childhood and the need to get out there and find something cool… along comes another con, just in time to rescue us.

I also gave in finally to the Funko vinyl Pop figures, and now I’ll really have to reign in my need to be a completionist, and just go after the ones I want, as there as sooo many, but they are pretty damned cool…


The great thing about chatting with the vendors is almost all of them are willing to negotiate on prices and talk with you, they’re eager to share their locations, and tell you to visit their shops, whether in person or online.

I was almost sold on a some Battlestar Galactica figures, but they’re newer, made to resemble the toys and the packaging of the late 70s, so I figured I’d be able to hunt them down outside of a con if I really wanted them, for me cons are about finding something unique, something that brings those waves of nostalgia pouring over you.

I like to keep my eyes open for Star Trek stuff, some Star Wars, there’s always an eager eye open for Galactica and The Black Hole, and then there are the things you’ve forgotten that as soon as you see brings the memories rushing back. Those are the really good ones!

Once again, Sue and I walked away from the con happy and content, and saw some amazing things, which, in all honestly, merely whets our appetite for the next one.

Have you been to one? What is the collector’s item, or toy you would most like to track down?


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