Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 – The Time of The Doctor


And just like that 11’s (Matt Smith) time is done. His last adventure as the Doctor has played out across our screens, and now, we are left in the hands of Peter Capaldi’s newly arrived Doctor, although far in my opinion, his appearance in this episode was way too brief, I was hoping he would do something besides exclaim about not liking the color of his kidneys and not knowing how to pilot the TARDIS.

The episode, penned by Steven Moffat, spans centuries for the Doctor, or one interminable Christmas dinner with the Clara (Jenna Coleman) and her family. The Doctor arrives, along with almost every one of his enemies on the perimeter of a planet, summoned by an indecipherable message, that according to the severed head, called Handles, the Doctor is lugging about tells him is from Gallifrey. We learn rather quickly, that it is the Doctor’s final resting place, as we’ve seen it. This is Trenzalore.

An impossible thing, as we know that Gallifrey is out there in a pocket universe somewhere, arriving on the planet surface, he learns they are in a town called Christmas, why not, there’s an island named Easter! Enveloped in a truth field, the town exists in an almost eternal night, draped in snow.  It is here that the message is figured out, and the crack in the universe returns… It seems Gallifrey is on the other side, sending out the message, which is The Question… Doctor Who??


If he answers, he has to answer truthfully, and the timelords will know it is safe to return, but that would bring all the forces in orbit around the planet down on them, and the time war would resume.

So in a perpetual stalemate as long as The Doctor stays, time passes, he ages…

Clara returns to him a couple of times throughout the centuries, but he returns her to Earth every time, to keep her save, all while the Doctor grows older, holding his enemies at bay…

Until as he finally begins to weaken the Daleks, the Cybermen, almost all of his enemies (always creepy and welcoming to see both The Silence and the Weeping Angels) begin their assault on the planet…

Clara’s plea to Gallifrey gets us around the regeneration problem, as the Doctor has actually used them all…

He saves the day one last time, as he’s regenerating…

But then, like that… GONE.

And a new man stands there…

And what adventures will he lead us on?


There is humor in this episode, nods to all that Matt Smith has done as the Doctor, though I think River Song should have appeared, somehow.

The whole way through the episode though, I was leaning forward, just wanting to get a glimpse of Capaldi as the Doctor.

I didn’t feel cheated by his appearance, but I wish we could have had a minute or two with him before the episode’s close. Especially since it seems we have to wait until Autumn for any episodes with our new Doctor.

Oh well.

What did you think of the episode? What are your favorite moments with Matt’s Doctor and are you excited about the new Doctor?

I’m very eager for new Who, but I am also about to start a new series of posts, I’m going back to the very first story, An Unearthly Child (aka 100,000 BC) and going to write them up as I watch them…

Who’s your favorite all time Doctor? Story? Monster?


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