Darknet Episode 1

Webseries are proving to be an awesome thing, as well as using various media platforms to promote your series, or product, and it looks like another brilliantly executed one has joined the already illustrious ranks, in the form of Darknet. Located at Darknetfiles.com the new series promises to be creepy, bloody and filled with names you may very well recognize.

The pilot episode dropped on Halloween, but I didn’t have a spare moment to get through the first episode until now, and it was so worth it!

Clocking in at 25 minutes, this is a delightfully well-crafted unnerving horror that has set the stage nicely for the rest of the anthology series.

I cannot wait!


I don’t want to give away too much, otherwise you lose a lot of the surprises, but here’s the gist of the first episode… and no I will not explain how it all ties together, that’s part of the cool factor!

The first episode has appearances by David Hewlett, Dewshane Williams, and Michelle Alexander.

Hewlett plays a man who comes across something completely unexpected in a storage locker on a very clean looking Simcoe Street underpass, Michelle Alexander, a single woman, uses a nanny cam to investigate her apartment when she’s not there, as she is convinced someone else is in there, and Dewshane plays a friend of a pizza delivery driver who may have discovered proof of a murder…

The first episode was written and directed by Vincenzo Natali, the writer/director of the genre favorite Cube, and future episodes will have recognizable names and faces as well like Katie Boland and Bomb Girls’ Carlyn Burchell!


The one thing it has really done for me, is make Toronto that much creepier. This city has moments when it can be a little scary, look at our mayor for crying out loud! But this added tweak, makes it that much spookier and frightening, and fires the imagination. Something I really like when a horror film does that – takes a place I know, and makes it ominous and frightening.

I also like the website design, and how it ties in with the episode you’re watching.

I do think that this series will be going some very dark places, and be alternately scary, bloody and creepy.

I say bring it!

If you consider yourself a horror buff, take a look at this one and let me know what you think. It was definitely a lot of fun, even the creeping tension as Hewlett’s character moves from locker to locker is truly unnerving, I was muttering to myself, saying, just walk away pal, just walk away!


And of course the final segment is especially creepy after this poor woman, who has been convinced that some strange man is in her house (he’s eaten her food and left the toilet seat up), the final moments are just shocking!

This is smart, fun, and bloody horror, and Darknet will find itself very welcome on this blog!

Keep them coming!!!

The bad news is that the rest of the season will be airing exclusively on Superchannel, with segments finding their way onto Darknet. Still I’m going to be keeping an eye out for this when the series goes to air January 24th, and hopefully find myself creeped out through the course of the 6 episodes.

Have you seen the pilot yet?


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