Fan Expo Day 3

Saturday is undeniably the busiest day of the week at Expo, all those people who couldn’t get Thursday and Friday off work, and all those folks coming in on day passes flood in. The place was full, but for Sue and I, and the fact that the convention is spread over two buildings, it didn’t seem as uncomfortably full as previous years (though bottle necks at doorways, stairs and escalators were kind of unavoidable).

IMG_0002 IMG_0008

Sue and I had another full up day, that had a couple of things set in stone, and the potential for other items depending on the flow of the day worked out…

We had a photo op first thing, so we were both in the queue, chatting away with those surrounding us, until this awesomeness happened with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.


From there we got to wander back to the south building, checking in with the folks at the IndieCan table, as well as our friends at the Anchor Bay booth. I had a moment to say hi to the amazingly talented Soska Twins, and we’re hoping to have a chat with them tomorrow, but it was at the IndieCan table that we saw some familiar faces peering up at us from a poster…


We raced down stairs missing out on time to support our friends on the cast of Lost Girl, but did get to sit in on the Murdoch Mysteries panel, featuring Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, Jonny Harris, Georgina Reilly and Thomas Craig.

Fan Expo 2013 176

The crowd went wild with laughter. love and applause for the cast as well as the sneak peek given to us for the new season!


Then it was time for another photo op with Judge Dredd himself, Doctor McCoy, and Eomer…. Karl Urban!!!!


One of the cool things about conventions is the art, there are so many artists with so many ideas, and they put out some amazing work. Sue was particularly enchanted with a piece that she had to pick up today from the boys at The Hall of Justice, check them out here and their etsy store is here.


We also got to hang with our friend, one of the stars of Defiance Trenna Keating and her husband Alden, both of whom are brilliantly funny and awesome people.


This day was already made of win, but our friends at Showcase, like our friends at Space yesterday insisted it on making it better for us, and we got to spend the afternoon interviewing these fantastic folks…


We got split up into small groups with other press, and then moved round the tables as we interviewed Grant Bowler, Graham Greene, Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, Nicole Munoz, Stephanie Leonidas and Dewshane Williams. That was brilliant! And it got even better when Grant revealed he’d watched our show! WHAAA…?!?!?!

So we’ll make sure we share those interviews with you, because they were a lot of fun, and it’s readily apparent that these folk all have a sense of humor, and love what they are doing!

As we go into the final day of Toronto’s Fan Expo tomorrow, we’re wondering what amazing things we’ll see and do…

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