Fan Expo Day 4


The great thing about going to cons with Sue Maynard is that we complement each other so well, just like on our show. She’s the schedule, I’m the map, and it works out brilliantly. As we went into Day 4 of Toronto’s Fan Expo, we learned that the key word for this year was flexibility. There were a couple of things that we HAD to do this weekend, like the photo-ops, and if we could a couple of panels (see the if implies flexibility).

We’re big believers in the idea that if there is something you HAVE TO DO, then plan around it, and be in line insanely early if you can, because panel rooms, no matter what the size can fill to capacity quickly.

But that’s ok, because I ambled in this morning, I got to wander over to see our friend Mike Donis of the highly enjoyable webseries, Pete Winning & The Pirates.


But then things got to be insane as my mobile buzzed to life, it was our good friends over at Anchor Bay, offering us the chance to sit down and chat with director Don Coscarelli, who’s films are the of cult favorites – the Phantasm series, Bubba Ho-Tep, Beastmaster and John DIes At The End!

That was so cool, and would have been perfect in and of itself.


When we found out we’d turned up too late to get into Nathan Fillion’s Q&A, along with tons of other people, we eagerly responded to an email from the fantastic folks at Space!

We were given the chance to sit down and chat with the cast of Bitten, which is a stunningly good looking group of people including Laura Vandervoort on the Innerspace set set up at the Space booth. How cool is that?!?

Then we raced back over to the North Building for our photo with Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres, and let’s be clear the look on my face is because I’m touching Gina, she has her arm around me, and I her – she’s simply lovely, so I think my goofy expression can be forgiven.


We then, once again, wandered back over to the South building, hoping to have a moment to chat with the Soska Twins, but they had to bail, so we instead got to chat with Julian Richings for a few minutes, off-the-record, and very relaxed. What a great guy! We’re hoping he’ll join us in the studio at some point.

Then, we decided it was time to get ready to wrap up the day, and ended it off perfectly with Q&A sessions with Ron Perlman and Carrie Fisher.

So that’s how Sue and I spent the last 4 days – Fan Expo we ROCKED you! And we’ll be sharing our interviews throughout the week! So stay tuned!

What was your fave part of the weekend?


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