Fan Expo Day 2

So welcome to Day 2 of our annual Geekfest, which for Sue and I tends to be better than Christmas!!

We saw lots of fun stuff today! And got to have some of our photo ops done, more on that in a second…


There was some great stuff to be seen today (and cool filters and effects added with Vignette.


Then we swung by and chatted with the guys at Rotten Rags, and I bought a Slimer shirt to go with Sue’s Count shirt, both of which glow in the dark!


You can check out their site here! These shirts are AWESOME!!

We also saw some fantastic art, like of Vincent Marcone, who runs My Pet Skeleton, check out the moody, gothic and hypnotically dark art here!

We also checked out the beautiful masks at The Devil’s Latex…


They have a Faceboook page under the same name, and an Instagram account as well.

And if you have a moment, check out the amazing artwork of Dan Holst Soelberg on his Facebook page here.

Costumes were out in full effect today, and who doesn’t like this pair of clone troopers from Star Wars?


We spent a large amount of time in Photo Op lines today, so let’s just get this out-of-the-way…

We had scoped out photo op prices before coming in on Thursday, and had taken out the required amount of cash for them (Sue and I split our photo ops). When we got there though, we didn’t realize that pricing had gone up versus what was posted on the website.

Now let’s clarify, the website does say that prices are subject to change. That’s fine. I suggest perhaps that they promote the online option a bit better and warn that prices may be higher in person. However, when we checked the pricing on the site again after… they were still listed at the lower price. Once the con is under way, if the prices are going to go up, they should be reflected across the board… Just saying. Otherwise, it may cause some problems…


Despite that, there were some awesome pluses to this year’s photo ops, the lines were incredibly well-organized, all of the show’s volunteers seem to be right on the ball this year, and were friendly and knowledgeable, and here’s the best part…

Elapsed turnaround time from the time you’re photo is taken to having it in your hand… at no point did Sue or I wait more than 2 minutes. Seriously, it was the quickest turnaround time I have ever seen! They have this system down now, and it works amazingly well!

Does that balance out the higher pricing? Not so much. And one could say, well there are ATMs on site (that charge a service fee for their use) – it’s one small, but incredibly crucial thing that needs to be looked at and addresses for next year.


Overall we had a great day, and ended our evening with the Orphan Black cast panel, featuring Kevin Hanchard, Dylan Bruce, and Jordan Gavaris, as well as creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson. Tatiana Maslany is in London, prepping to return to the show, but was kind enough to send a long a quick video message.

The panel was a lot of fun, and then afterwards, thanks to our wonderful friends at Space, we got some time to chat with Dylan and Kevin! Stay tuned for those, I should have them up early in the week!

Overall, a great second day, and tomorrow looks to be busy, packed, and more fun at Toronto’s Fan Expo!


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