Grave Encounters 2 (2012) – John Poliquin

Also releasing from Anchor Bay this week on blu-ray and DVD, the follow-up to the much talked about horror film, Grave Encounters.

Sue and I got a look at this film over the summer at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and you can find her review her…

I came down pretty much in full agreement with Sue on this one, the nap they all decide to take in the final act brings the film to a grinding halt, and it never quite finds it’s momentum again.

I do like the reality the film creates though. It takes the supposition that the first film was real, that this place, this asylum, actually exists, and a young film student, Alex (Richard Harmon) after receiving some rather mysterious communication from someone (thing?) known as Death Awaits tracks it down, and leads his friends inside.

Of course, having seen the first film, which is entertaining, though the second film is the stronger, you know that once they are inside the building, they are all as good as dead, it’s just a matter of whens and hows.

leanneThere are things I really like in this film, the map is very cool, and I would like to see more with that, especially should the third one come about, the concept of the Red Door… And honestly, who doesn’t find the idea of a haunted, shape-changing asylum more than a little disturbing, especially when you throw in unsanctioned experiments, child sacrifices, and just creepiness in general?

I was hoping for a little more in the way of extras on the disc, I would have loved a director’s and creators’ commentaries to learn a little bit more about the making of the film as well as the mythology the two films have set up. Having said that, the blu-ray looks fantastic, and relates the images of each of the cameras in its own way, hand-held, security, observational, they all have their own look and texture, and of course adds to the reality the film is trying to create.

deathNow to be clear, the film doesn’t add anything really new to the found footage genre, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Deserted mental asylums are always going to be scary… they just are. So with just a little suggestion, you’re going to start seeing ghosts, or hearing spooky noises, these films just take this to the Nth degree.

But please lose the floating cameras. That just didn’t work for me at all.

I kind of live in hope of a 3rd film, I would love to know more about the ‘history’ of the asylum, but I also think to move forward, they’ll have to find a way to turn the found footage genre on its head, and do something a little different next time around to keep it fresh.

And just to encourage those eager viewers, right before the credits roll, there are 4 numbers flashed up on the screen… the supposed coordinates of the hospital… 49 14 122 48.

Has anyone been to check it out yet?

Grave Encounters 2 is available today on blu-ray and DVD!


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