Lost Girl S03E08 – Fae-ge Against The Machine

This week’s episode sees Bo (Anna Silk) dealing with the incredibly fast approach of her Dawning, and ends with the fantastic image of Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) standing in a rain shower of tarot cards depicting someone (thing?) called The Wanderer, and leaving us wondering what the hell this has to do with our favorite succubus?!

Alexandra Zarowny scripts this week with direction by Andy Mikita, and the story ends up being a cross between Jumanji, David Fincher’s The Game, and a little High Noon. Draw from that what you will.

Trick (Rick Howland) and Stella (Deborah Odell) are trying to prepare Bo for her invitation to the Temple, a rite of passage on the way to her Dawning. However, the arrival of a machine while Bo isn’t there, though she accidentally activated it before she left, means that a dangerous game has already started, and Trick must play in her stead.

Unfortunately, all of this happens on a special night for Lauren (Zoie Palmer) as she is being recognized for some of her work with an award.

fae-geAnd Bo just can’t seem to get away as she and Tamsin work to help Balzac (Ryan Belleville) rescue a decidedly odd young Fae, Hannah (Allie MacDonald) whose tears serve as highly potent drug in the Fae underworld.

Some of the moments feel downright Lynchian, including Bo’s interaction with the gatekeeper before entering Brazenwood, which looks like the Fae version of hillbilly hell, leading to a final showdown on what I guess would be the main street.

The episode is fun, but for me the best part is the new added factor of The Wanderer and Tamsin wondering and fearing (!) that Bo may be the One.  Hmmm!

I love the fact that though Bo didn’t know it, but Trick was helping her, guiding her, and helping in her choices as he plays the Machine’s game, which presents two choices at a time, and he has to pick the one that he believes Bo would, and his choices directly affect her.

That was cool, and allowed Trick some long overdue extended screen time, and have some fun moments with Stella, as their chemistry and interaction is a lot of fun to watch.

annaIt also looks like there may be some strife coming along in the Bo-Lauren relationship as Bo, under the influence of the Machine, makes a huge faux pas with the doc, and Lauren hangs up on her. Sure it could be a tiff, all couples have them, but then, a knock on the door and there’s Dr. Isaac Felt (Shawn Doyle) to chat with the doctor, he’s a nice guy, laughs at her jokes, and wants to get know her mind.

But there’s also a new added tension between Tamsin and Bo, who share a kiss, caused by Trick and Stella, but you can tell, that both of them are thinking about it as the episode comes to a close.

Personally I just think that adds to the depth of Tamsin’s character, because I still think we’re learning lots about her, as she is herself. She may be Dark Fae, but there’s more to her than that. She’s seen how Bo and the gang love and support one another, and I think she not only finds Bo attractive (and who doesn’t?) but she finds the family dynamic of that appealing as well, so I think those factors are coming into play big time for her.

It’s a good ep, not There’s Bo Place Like Home good, but it does set up a number of nice things for the rest of the season…

What are your thoughts on The Wanderer?

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


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  1. Lynchian – yes! And I love Trick and Stella as a couple! This was a great, complex and highly entertaining episode. And, with the emerging Bo/Tamsin and Lauren/Isaac dynamic, looks like the Bo/Dyson/Lauren love triangle is going to become a whole lot more complicated. I’ve seen it described as a “complicated love trapezoid” (see Dorothy Snarker’s recap on afterEllen.com) – again, like “Lynchian” – brilliant! All I can say now is – what comes next?

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