Sex After Kids – Cast & Crew Screening

I loved The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard, both Sue and I have made no secret of our love for that film. We both ranked it as one of our favorite films of 2011, but my friend Jeremy LaLonde, with his latest creation, Sex After Kids, has made a film that is leaps and bounds ahead of his previous outing.

He has expanded the canvas of his creative world on screen, Paul Shepherd was shot as a faux documentary, in effect, making the camera one of the characters by it’s presence, Sex After Kids is just pure film and storytelling. In my mind, I drew this  comparison, TUWOPS is 35mm, Sex After Kids pushes the curtains to the edge of the theatre and sweeps out to full 70mm. Awesome-Sauce!

Without going into too much detail, this film comes down to being one of the most perfectly crafted romantic-comedy-dramas I have ever seen, it’s easily in my top 5 relationship movies ever! The cast is amazing, and is a who’s who of brilliance, Kate Hewlett, Paul Amos, Mary Krohnert, Gordon Pinsent, Amanda Brugel, Ennis Esmer, Zoie Palmer, Kris Holden-Ried, Shannon Beckner, Jay Brazeau, Katie Boland, Peter Keleghan, Mimi Kuzyk, David Tompa and Kristin Booth.

There’s not an off-note, a missed opportunity, or bad performance, while admittedly most of the characters are quirky, they always seemed to be grounded in the reality created by the film. The writing, as we’ve come to expect from Jeremy is top-notch, it’s tightly edited, and completely engrossing and entertaining. Only two weeks into 2013, and I think I may have already found my favorite film of the year.

I’m not going to give any plot points, or storylines away, I want the viewers – watch for it at Film Festivals first! – to have the same wonderful experience without spoilers. At it’s heart the film follows a number of couples, all played by some of  the most engaging and wonderful performers, a high standard Jeremy established behind the camera as well, with his fantastic crew.

onsetLike the title says, the film explores relationships after kids have been added to the mix, it deals with themes of what defines a family, fidelity, single parents, and empty nests. At its heart Jeremy has written a love letter to parents everywhere.

Funded by his very succesful Indiegogo campaign, and he thanks all of his contributors in the credits, Jeremy and company, including producer Jennifer Liao who has a surprise cameo to watch out for, have put a beautifully shot film on the big screen. Making use of the Red Epic camera, the high-definition image showed that not only can Jeremy write a script but in conjunction with co-cinematographers Ann Tipper and Zach Melnick he can capture some truly lovely images.

The Cast and Crew screening held at The Royal Cinema in Toronto erupted in cheers and applause at the film’s end, after laughing, and clapping their way in enjoyment through the cinematic landscape. Most of the cast were in attendance for the the Q&A session with Jeremy after the film’s end, before we all had to clear out, and meet up for the After Screening party.

Cast and crew intermingled with contributors and fans, chatting, laughing, swapping stories and making for a fantastic end to the evening.

Sex After Kids will have its international premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, but watch the festival circuit, because if it gets to your area, this one is a must!


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  1. Audrey says:

    I LOOOVED TUWOPS too and really cant wait to see this one too ! 🙂 Seems indeed an awesome movie ! 🙂

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