Dark Horse Comics – Star Wars Issue #1

A Long Time Ago in a time known as the late 70s and early 80s Star Wars was fresh, exciting, and filled with a universe of possibilities. Launching in conjunction with the first movie, Marvel Comics launched a long-running comic series (that were thirty-five cents when they first started), and with issue #7 they started all brand new adventures in that galaxy far, far away. Some of them were hokey (I never did understand the appeal of the hoojibs, especially after we’d already had the ewoks), some of them were great (Valance was a sweet character that needs a revisit), but all of them entertained me on countless Saturday afternoons, and at summer camps, as issues were swapped, traded, added to the reading pile and shared amongst friends.

Dark Horse has amalgamated these comics into a number of collections (which sooner or later I will break and start buying) as well as having had a very succesful relationship with Star Wars as a property. But, as soon as Sue and I heard that they were starting a new series, set in the timeline of the original films, actually picking up shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star, and featuring our favorite characters, in all new adventures, we about lost our geeky minds all together!!!

sw-originalHan and Chewie only have a small appearance in this issue, but I’m not going to complain about that, as I know there are tons of stories to come and lots of characters to play with. This issue, In The Shadow of Yavin (Part One of Three) is written by Brian Wood, with art by Carlos D’Anda, colors by Gabe Eltaeb, and cover art by Alex Ross, centers on Leia Organa and Luke Skywaker, alongside Wedge as they explore a system along the Outer Rim to see if it’s suitable for a new base.

No sooner do they arrive, when a star destroyer drops out of hyperspace, with TIEs deploying, ambushing them! Since only members of the Rebellion knew where they were going they come to the conclusion that there is a spy in their midst.

It allows for Leia to execute some thrilling heroics, showing she’s not only a leader of the Rebellion, but also as a valuable fighter as well. Yes, we’ve seen her with a blaster in hand, fighting, but there’s something about her in this one that I quite like, she’s got a bit of an edge, but is still the same Leia we know.

And not everyone is a fan of her in the Alliance either, which will add some interesting things to the story I think…

leiaWe also see the fallout of Darth Vader’s loss of the Death Star, he’s very much out of the Emperor’s good graces for the moment, though still a useful tool none the less. Vader is stripped of his star destroyer, the Executor hasn’t shown up yet, and is given a new assignment.

As is Leia, Mon Mothma has asked her to ferret out the informer(s) amongst the rebellion…

I think it’s going to be a really fun ride. The art is great, and though its early days yet, it feels like it’s going to really embrace the feeling and the universe that so many of us grew up wanting to live in ourselves. It’s like the heady days of my youth when I would run to the corner store, thumb through the spinning racks and fish out the copy I wanted (you never take the one at the front).

Thanks Dark Horse for all new adventures with our original characters… Let’s see what you can do, and May The Force Be With You!


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