Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012 – The Snowmen


So Steven Moffat brings us our annual dose of Who Christmas, as well as adding something else to the once-normal-but-now-to-be-feared list, and while the adventure itself is fun and features Richard E. Grant and the voice of Ian McKellen, its most enjoyable in its continuing quest to discover who is Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

This year’s story opens in London 1842, then jumps forward a couple of decades to when the Doctor (Matt Smith) has been hiding out in a rather apathetic state since the loss of the Ponds. He is surrounded by friends, you may recognize them from Demons Run, who love and support him but don’t necessarily condone him hiding out and, well, sulking.

Clara comes into the picture leading a double life, one as a bar maid and the other as a governess. If you didn’t fall in love with Jenna-Louise Coleman ‘s first appearance I defy you not to in this episode. She’s spirited, saucy, smart and stunning. Why wouldn’t the Doctor want to take her along as a Companion?

snowmen1This Christmas, there is something in the snow. A low telepathic field is emanating from it and it begins to mirror the mindset and Victorian values held by a young boy and then his adult self, Dr.Simeon, played by Grant.

It is through this mirroring and feeding off the feelings and dreams of strong-minded folk that menacing, carnivorous snowmen begin to roam the streets stalking hour heroes.

There are many things to love about the episode, the ladder, the staircase that is taller on the inside, the banter between the Doctor and Clara, the new desktop setting for the TARDIS, the Doctor’s new garb (you can lose the spectacles though).

It is also great to see Varsta (Neve McIntosh) the Silurian, her wife Jenny (Catrin Stewart), and Strax the Sontaran (Dan Starkey), there’s some fun chemistry here as well as a huge spin-off potential!! Apparently they were Doyle’s inspiration for Holmes and Watson!

Alright now come some spoilers… Once Clara mentions a souffle, you can see things start to click for the Doctor, as he begins to place her. He never saw her before of course, she was only a voice… But now, he recognizes her, and she’s about to join him in the TARDIS, when Moffat pulls a Whedon and has tragedy strike in the worst way. Clara dies!

I thought it was interesting before that she showed hup, but now, she’s encountered the Doctor twice, and has dies twice.

claraWHO IS SHE?

She can’t be a Time Lord can she? Her appearance and personality have never changed, as we encounter yet a 3rd Clara at the end of the episode… A clone? A temporal anomaly trying to set something right? Or is she a living signal or message to the Doctor, if so from whom?

Moffat has done a nice work creating a truly interesting character, and as I said, the adventure is all well and good, but it’s all the stuff with Clara Oswin Oswald that really caught my interest.

And as we race towards the 50th Anniversary of out favorite Time Lord’s television adventures, perhaps she will tie in with that somehow. I have no doubt she is of great importance not only to the Doctor, but to the story arc, and perhaps time and space as well…

Sadly, we now have to wait until April(ish) for any more revelations and new episodes.

What did you think of it?

(Edit – She’s a cylon – Sue.)


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  1. Gerard says:

    Thought that it was hilariously meta to make Vastra and her wife the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, which means that an invention of Steven Moffat was the ‘inspiration’ for Holmes, which of course is the other show that Moffat is currently showrunner for!

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Yeah, that made me laugh out loud when it happened!

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