Evil Dead II (1987)


Bruce Campbell.

It doesn’t get any better than him.

He simply is awesome.

So imagine my delight when the 101 Horror Movies led me to Evil Dead II!

I love these movies, and honestly, anything with Bruce is worth the watch, because it’s Bruce, and watching his reactions, his exaggerated expressions, and some of the intentionally cheesy dialogue he espouses in these movies is just a damned good time.

The story kind of picks up where the first film ended, it’s taken some liberties with itself, and given its mythology a bit of revisionist history, but that’s fine, because it’s not long before poor Ash (Bruce Campbell) is covered in blood, going mad, and fighting the evil Deadites again.

Annie (Sarah Berry), the daughter of the professor who recorded the demon resurrection passages which raised the demons in the first film shows up with her boyfriend, and a couple of other folks who are stuck up in the mountains with them.

And it’s up to Ash to save them, or at the least, himself.

The film dances all over the line of whether it’s a horror or a comedy and simply decides to have fun. It’s like a Tex Avery cartoon with more blood. A horrific bloody slapstick, and it’s a riot!

Ash is forced to not only kill his reanimated girlfriend, he has to dismember her, but not before she’s infected him, and consequently causes him to have to cut off his hand, because it went bad… Course as night falls, the Deadite within him has the ability to take over, if he lets it. And let’s face it, Ash is only a hero because he’s forced to be, out of self-preservation. Poor guy.

Bruce Campbell has made no secret of the fact that the film’s director Sam Raimi put him through the physical ringer when making the film, and the beauty of it is, Bruce takes the abuse. He gets slapped, beaten, kicked around, tossed about, and he does it all himself, and that is one of the things that makes Bruce and Ash so awesome!

Still, the cast around him begins to drop like flies, in increasingly bloody deaths, leaving Ash to fend for himself, and seeming to verge right on the edge of insanity.

There are some awesome bits, Ash cutting off his hand, the use of sound as a living thing (right after someone commented about how quiet it is), and honestly, anytime Bruce gets himself beaten up or gets sprayed with blood.

The special effects work, they’re created by Raimi and company just coming up with what they thought was the best way to get what they needed.

I can’t rave enough about this film, because there is so much to love about it. The people who don’t get it, I’m sorry to say, are truly missing out, because it’s just so much fun! And hey! It’s Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw strapped to his arm!


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