The Killing – Day 25 – Donnie or Marie


This show is KILLING me!!!  So so good – every episode has been amazing, and there was so much going on this week that I had a hard time falling asleep after!

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

The key card Linden found on the 10th floor belongs to someone in Richmond’s camp.  I believe it’s been fairly established as having been Gwen’s card – she admitted that hers had disappeared from her purse, AND that she’d been driving the car Rosie’s body was found in earlier that same day.  She seemed to have an explanation for everything, but at the same time, when she was questioned as to why she hadn’t thought to mention any of that at the time, the best she could come up with was a threat about being careful who they asked questions of, or something.  Not looking so great for Gwen-y.

She was also in that old pic of the casino opening with Jackson, her allegedly criminal ex (who also had a broken arm like Roberta, and who is now in prison – for murder), and Gwen’s daddy, the Senator who passed his daughter around to powerful would-be child molesters.  Nice.

And then there’s Jamie.  His grandpa originally gave him his alibi by saying Jamie was with him all night, but he lied.  We know Jamie went to the gym at city hall (without his key card, as the guard had to let him in) at 4:30am or so, and we know that around 1am, he got on the casino’s elevator to the 10th floor.  As did Rosie, Jackson and Michael Ames.

Now, here’s where things get interesting to me.  We’ve found out that Jamie (acting on Richmond’s behalf) pushed through Ames’ only business proposal that didn’t have his wife’s name attached, supposedly in an effort to woo Ames away from Adams.  Jackson seems pretty evil (I can see her wanting to kill Rosie just for being UP there, and having the guys take care of the body for her), but again – her presence in that little secret meeting isn’t really illegal – I would presume they were discussing Adams, the waterfront, and the election.  I know they wouldn’t want Adams to find out about their meeting, but is just the three of them meeting secretly actually worth killing for?  Let alone the WAY she was killed?

Rosie was wearing the v-neck sweater in the elevator footage – the same sweater she was wearing in the ATM machine footage from that same night, so even though she wasn’t working, she was clearly there for some reason other than to just go up to 10 for a smoke and to look at the city.  The bloody sweater that was found in the field, however, had a rounded collar.  Continuity issue?  Or subtle clue?  I don’t know…but I can’t wait to find THAT out!

Belko said Rosie had gotten a call when she was at the house that night, and that she’d thrown things quickly into her backpack, grabbed her keys, and left again.  “Adela.  I’ll be there,” he said she’d said.  So it sounds like Rosie wasn’t originally planning on going all the way out to the casino that night to begin with.  Someone told her to go there after the party.

And if she was heading to California to watch the butterflies, would she have packed a freaking TOUQUE?!  I’m just saying – it was October, but I’ve never had to wear a warm hat like that in California.  *shrugs*

Was Rosie depositing cash or taking it out of the ATM at the casino that night?  She could have used any machine, couldn’t she?  If she was just taking money out?  She wouldn’t have had to rush and catch the last ferry, stop at the bank machine, then head up to the 10th floor to gaze at the city she was supposedly planning on leaving behind.

I keep thinking that maybe the person who put the car in the lake didn’t know she was in the trunk.  But then why dump the car at all?  Because it was stolen?  If it was stolen from the lot, and WASN’T at the casino, then how did Rosie get in the trunk to begin with?  My other theory was that maybe the person who dumped the car thought Rosie was already dead, and they were scared and trying to hide the body.  But then why tie her up?  And if you’d already beaten her and chased her through the woods, and somewhere in there you knocked her unconscious to the point of thinking she was dead, you’re pretty much screwed even if she IS still alive, so I’m guessing you wouldn’t take the time to tie up the body before dumping the car, either.

I wonder if whoever was chasing her took their flashlight with them, or if it was left in the glovebox, or elsewhere in the car?  See, Linden’s batteries were dead that next morning…the flashlight that was on Regi’s boat.  That’s part of what made me think it was Rick – that little throwaway moment where Linden had grabbed the flashlight, only to find that it wouldn’t work, and tossed it in favour of something else.  Maybe Rick and Regi are secretly in love and plotted to drive Sarah crazy again so that they could be together.

Yep.  Though Regi seems kinda gay to me sometimes, so MAYBE she and JACKSON were in love, and…nevermind.  That doesn’t make any sense, either. (HI-larious moment between Holder and Linden re: Jackson and Roberta:  “You’re just figuring that out NOW?”  LOL)

It was interesting to me that Linden accused Roberta of being the one who broke into her hotel room and hung that picture up on the fridge.  I figure that must have just been to get her riled up enough to give them the elevator disk, but daay-umm!  That was an odd move…though Roberta WAS watching Linden and Jack at Holder’s that night, so I guess it’s possible.  I just have no idea how or why she would go digging for that particular picture and hang it on the fridge.  Seems more like something someone who knew Linden’s history well would do.

I’m still torn between wondering if the election race actually had anything to do with it, or not, too.  From the beginning, this whole case has felt pretty personal to Linden – almost catered to her, really.  It’s been a battle between her and the killer this whole time – even before they had a body.

Anyway.  I still think it was Rick, in the Library, with a candlestick.  😉

Rick, Jamie, and Tom the Billionaire have been my Top 3 suspects for awhile now, so I’d be thrilled if it were one of them – or a combination…or something.  Though I couldn’t even claim to be all that smart even if it IS one of them.  I’ve never really been able to work out a scenario that fits the evidence – I’m just hoping that Holder and Linden do that for me, at this point!  🙂

Maybe Rick lured Rosie with butterfly talk, promising to take her to watch them in Sonoma, and then killed her because he knew it would cause Linden to obsess into Crazy-Land again, and that she would never suspect him.

I think I really just want it to be Rick, even just so I can see the brilliant talent that is Callum Keith Rennie on this show one more time.  😉

I almost don’t think it was Jamie now, though, just because it seems so much like it was.  I fully expect to be surprised, even if I’ve guessed everyone as a suspect at some point, because I still can’t make it all make sense in my head, so even if I think I know the killer or the motive or the method – I just can’t get it all to work out in my mind, so no matter what we find out next week will feel like an awesome surprise to me!

What an amazing and fun ride it has been, hey kids?  I can’t wait to find out how everything plays out, and yet – like nearing the final chapter of a wonderful book – I don’t want it to be over.  I will heartily miss sharing the adventures of our detectives Linden and Holder in that rainy and gloomy city.  I’m already praying for a Season 3.

The season finale of The Killing – and the solving of the Rosie Larsen murder – airs Sunday at 9:00pm EST on AMC

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What about poor pitiful Mitch coming home and expecting open arms all the way around!?! Puhleeeze! Mother of the year, NOT! I was so glad that Terry and Stan told her off too. She is pathetic.
    Does anyone remember why Terry and Michael Ames broke up? He is looking very suspicious to me.

  2. marajade29sm says:

    I have no idea why they broke up now! I was assuming that Terry was just living in fantasy-land where Ames was concerned, but after this ep, it looks like may he really was planning to leave his wife for her. The sudden change of heart is pretty suspicious – especially considering the conversation he had with Terry in his car recently. I kind of wonder if his wife had anything to do with all this…or maybe used Jasper’s love to her advantage to keep her husband from going anywhere. Taking Rosie out would send him a very clear message…maybe he was involved, or maybe he’s protecting Terry fom being next…?

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