The Killing – Day 20 – Keylela


Poor Holder.  He’s not even surprised anymore when Linden kicks him out of the car, but he’s definitely not going quietly anymore.  The respect and genuine care between these two characters becomes more and more evident with each passing episode, and now, even when they argue, their words may cut deeper, but you get the sense that none of it is unforgiveable anymore.  They’ll still be there for one another when it’s needed.  And wow – is it ever needed right now.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.  Several of our fave characters had pretty big days.  Stan Larsen gets handed the things from Rosie’s locker at school by Sterling, who says that the school has given the locker away to a new student.  Plagued by the fear that Rosie was unhappy or angry over finding out that he wasn’t her father, he questions Sterling a bit about Rosie’s frame of mind in the days before she died.  Stan is left with a memory of the last time he saw his daughter, standing the in garage, watching him through the window with a sad expression on her face.  Stan’s conversation with Sterling causes him to realize that everyone is beginning to forget about Rosie all together, and nearly makes him feel the loss all over again.

On top of that, the boys let it slip that the police were talking to Terry at their school the day before, so Stan sends them to their rooms so that he can question Terry in private.  To her credit, I think Terry actually told him everything she knows – about Michael Ames being someone she met through Beau Soleil, but that she didn’t believe Rosie had been a part of it at all.  The realization that Terry had been a Beau Soleil girl and hadn’t said anything about it even after Rosie’s name was being attached to it, as well, put Stan at his breaking point, and he booted his sister-in-law from the house.

Incidentally, the boys were carving pumpkins when Stan first entered the room, so even though I can’t remember what the actual date is now, I’m assuming that Halloween is only a day or two away, at this point.  Rosie has been dead for 20 days, and she had that costume on for a dance or party at school, wasn’t it?  I wonder what chaos Halloween will bring with it this particular year for Seattle PD?

Darren Richmond is seeming more and more like his old self these days.  With Gwen and Jamie actually working together for a change, he finally has a solid support team behind him, and even when they make mistakes, it’s not slowing any of them down.  All three share a common focus, and for now, at least, the overall approach seems to be working.  Gwen’s idea about lying to Stan in order to get him to read a statement showing his support of Richmond’s campaign could have really backfired, but not only did she own up to it, but Richmond himself took responsibility with Stan and told him the truth before it was too late.  Stan showed up to read the statement, anyway, but with Richmond’s words ringing in his ears – “Make them remember Rosie” – he quickly abanonned the written statement and went with one of his own.  Throwing down his own cash as a financial reward to anyone who helps find Rosie’s killer was a bold move, and just may prove to be the boost the investigation needed to get the job done.  It may also screw everything up for Holder and Linden, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out!

This almost brings us back around to Holder and Linden, but I want to talk a bit about young Jack (Liam James) first.  The diagram Linden found on the fridge was from her old case – the one that made her crazy for awhile – and she’d had it all packed away, so that’s why she was so afraid when it turned up on her fridge, and that’s where I’d seen it before.  I wonder if the two cases are somehow linked?  Or maybe she is the only link between them.  Or maybe there is no link at all.  I’m just thinkin’.  It’s really just about boiling the whole thing down to Rick, anyway.  😉

Anyway – Jack.  I think this was really the first time he’d stood up and made a decision of his own, for better or for worse.  Linden was not in favour of his choice, and I really don’t know what’s going to happen to them now, but at the same time, he DID buy them a little more time with the whole Child Services/custody battle fiasco.  And she went along with it, after all, despite not liking the idea – she really didn’t have any better ideas, either, so while I am worried for them now, I’m actually really happy that Jack made the call this time.  He’s not just following his mom, nor pining for his father.  Linden took him out of Holder’s apartment in the morning, which he was not happy about, but when push came to shove, Jack stuck with his mom.  And at this stage, I think that means a lot.  Good Jack.

Okay – is there anything cuter or more endearing than Holder and Jack making breakfast in the morning?  I mean come on!  Linden!  Stop and eat the burritos, already!  The butterfly migration observation site on the Wapi Indian Reservation will still be there after breakfast.  Dude was rocking an apron and cooking for you, and you didn’t even have to sleep with him first.  I am just sayin’.

Now – a lot happened for our detective-y pair on Day 20 of the investigation.  The voice message she’d left had a distant sound that could have been associated with a construction site in the background.  They also found out that Michael Ames’ construction company was doing a large renovation at the casino where Rosie had been the night she was killed.  Linden sends Holder to the casino while she checks out the location where she believes Rosie filmed the monarch butterfly migration.  Holder has to go part of the way on foot, of course, because she boots him from the car after he expresses his concern for her mental state and calls her a “ghost whisperer”.

Holder plays his part and eventually finds out that there is construction on the 10th floor of the casino hotel, but he’s unable to find a way onto the 10th that isn’t locked or being watched.  He does, however, get handed a matchbook by Mary, a maid at the casino, with a note inside saying, “Tomorrow 11am”.  As the door closes behind her, she comments to Holder that she hoped Rosie’s family got her backpack okay.

Linden gets caught trespassing onto a burial ground by Jackson, who tells her the story of Keylela as a warning to stay off the reserve.  She’s escorted to her car and drives off, calling Holder to warn him about getting out of there as soon as possible.

Holder doesn’t get the call, however, as he’s still on the elevator, and when the door opens, he is greeted by tribal police, who handcuff him and lead him out of the casino.  They drive him to a remote wooded location where Jackson and Roberta (the woman who was watching Holder’s place the night before) are waiting.  Jackson uses Holder’s phone to call Linden, telling Holder that she’d gotten the warning already, so now he would pay the price.  As the tribal police beat Holder, Jackson holds the phone out so that Linden can hear every painful detail.

Pretty sure this is all about keeping Linden and Holder off the land, as they have  no real authority or jurisdiction there, but I think there is definitely information about Rosie’s murder still to be gleaned from the casino.  As far as we know, that was the last place Rosie was seen alive, on the ATM machines.  Somehow, between whatever time of the night she used the ATM and an hour or two later, she ended up in the trunk of Richmond’s campaign car and submerged in a lake several miles away.  There was possibly a brief stop at a gas station on the long way around where Rosie was able to get out of the car and run through the woods, but she was pursued (as we saw in the pilot opening sequence) and re-captured.

The method of murder is still a little weird to me.  Why leave her alive in the trunk, only to drown her?  She had already been beaten and tied up.  Maybe the killer thought she was already dead, and wanted to hide the body?  And how did she escape from the car to run through the woods to begin with?  Is it possible that she wasn’t in the trunk at first?  How did her sweater end up in that field so far from the lake?  We know she wasn’t wearing it on her run through the woods nor when she was sunk in the trunk.  So her backpack was…somewhere.  Maybe at the casino…she’d packed it before she went there, when Belko had seen her.  Maybe it was somewhere else after, but somehow Mary apparently knew where it was, and chose a time 2 weeks later to drop it off at the Larsens’ door.  Maybe she left her backpack in a room at the hotel…maybe on the 10th floor.  Maybe Mary found it and did what she thought was best.

Her sweater was in the field with blood on it, and…was it her dad’s credit card?  Debit card?  There was some piece of ID in that field at the start of the investigation, as well.  If I recall, a shoe had been left in the woods by the gas station where she’d tried to run.  And then her body in the trunk, dumped in the lake.

I wish we had a map for all this, really.  I’m kind of a visual person.

Ames and the Mayor both seem a little too…old…to be chasing a young girl through the forest at night, but you never know where adrenaline can take you.  There’s billionaire Tom to keep an eye on, too.  He likes his girls young as it is.  So many people seem involved in the cover-up, but I bet a lot of them are just following orders and making sure their own…poo don’t stink.  Will Stan Larsen’s reward turn up any new leads?  Will Holder be able to continue taking care of Sarah and Jack – and working on the case – even though he’s been pummelled so much?  Will we fill in the missing hours of Rosie’s final evening before Halloween descends upon the city?

We’re getting there, I can feel it.  Can’t wait for Day 21 to begin!

Catch The Killing Sundays at 9pm EST on AMC.

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  1. Chaz DePompa says:

    Ive only watched the first season so far (netflix). Now i am rewatching it and its very interesting; some of the clues you oversee the first time. My biggest question is Stan Larsens ATM card was found in the field. This peice of evidence seems to never be questioned and also seems to be a very important peice of information. unless of course it was the writers way of tying the sweater the the Larsen family a little more quickly.

    1. marajade29sm says:

      I know the ATM card first made Stan look guilty, but it’s possible that he’d just left it with Rosie for the weekend, in case she needed anything while the rest of the family was out of town. I can’t remember if Holder and Linden ever really broached that topic with him directly, or not. BUT I wonder if activity on that card could be traced for the night of Rosie’s disappearance? They keep talking about how she was depositing cash at the casino ATM, but maybe she used the card elsewhere that night, as well? Before it ended up in the field and she ended up in the trunk?

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