Lost Girl Season 2 Blowout!


So we gathered last evening for the Lost Girl Season finale…

Sue and I went to meet up with a bunch of Lost Girl fans including some who had traveled all the way from Alberta to be there! We met up at the Firkin on King, who had graciously allowed Curt (@Faenonymous) to take over the lower level of the pub for the night, and we made it our very own Dal. Their staff was friendly, pleasant, and very tolerant of us fae fans taking over their pub. Thank you!

Showcase was running an all day Lost Girl Marathon, leading up to the pre-show finale (did you spot yourself? What about me and Sue?) and the season finale.

We chatted with some of the names and faces we recognized, and then everyone was delighted when some members of the cast and crew showed up. The awesome Casey Hudecki, actor, fight director, can kick your ass six ways from Sunday without breaking a sweat, and knows how to handle a sword showed first.

We caught up with her, chatting away, she couldn’t stay late, as she had an early day on the set of Nikita!

But she was joined by the funny and brilliant Tanya Lemke, our mistress of props! We caught up with her as well, she’s got a full docket lately, working on Flashpoint and Saving Hope since we last spoke.

Rick Howland, our very own Blood King, Trick, and his wonderful wife, Nadia, whom Sue and I think is just awesome! People were simply delighted. There were a number of fans who had met him before, but there were just as many who hadn’t, and a palatable change came over the room. Trick was actually here!

Rick, as always, was gracious with his time, chatting and smiling for everyone.

It wasn’t long before he was joined by the mesmer, that wonderful charmer, Vex, or Paul Amos.

Paul is very self-effacing and loves a good laugh, and like Rick, he is appreciative of the fandom.

Both of them posed for pictures, signed autographs for a while, and made time for each and every person who came to talk to them.

Sue and I were happily chatting with Casey and Tanya, until we were joined by Rick, Nadia and Paul, and settled in for the season finale.

No sooner did it start when the entire room went… silent.

You could tell that they were getting a kick out of watching the episode with the fans, knowing what was coming, waiting to see the reactions. I think for everyone involved in the show, they were delighted to watch it go over so well with the show’s harshest and most loyal critics… the fans.

Now, they are about to go back into the studio and get to work, but we’ll all just have to wait until September rolls around to see what happens next with our favorite Fae.

Don’t worry, we’re gonna try to get some interviews, and everything else we can get access to as well to help fill the time until season three rolls around…

In the interim make sure you click this link, and check out some of the awesome photos that were taken by one of Paul’s friends, Viktor Radics, a photographer with a great eye. I particularly like the shot of Paul and Rick sitting together. Find them here.

It was a great night, if you weren’t there, we wish you were… But there’s always Season 3, and most likely an appearance at Fan Expo in August!

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  1. Nadia says:

    Thanks, it was an awesome evening – the fans are amazing and I enjoyed chatting to those Rick and I had met before and meeting new ones! Cannot wait to see what Lost Girl Season 3 holds.

  2. Wooowooo !!! \o/ I wish was there with you all for this awesome moment and share it : watch together and with FaeFriends the Final ! I’m really happy you had a great moment ! And thank you !! 🙂 Lost Girl forever in my heart ♥

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