Lost Girl, Our Heroes’ Journey

So here we are days away from the season 2 finale of Lost Girl on Showcase here in Canada.

We thought it would be a nice idea to look at the journey the characters of Team Bo have gone on this season without spoiling for those readers who are watching it as it airs on Syfy, or on other channels around the world.

So… you know… despite the fact that I’m keeping it ambiguous… SPOILERS!


While he’s only shown up in a handful of episodes of Season 2, Paul Amos’ Vex always leaves an impression. While he’s vowed to the Dark Fae, he’s proving to be very useful to Bo, especially as we race towards the climax of Season 2. He’s snide, crass, wickedly dressed, an awesome mesmer (the Morrigan’s dance scene is going down as classic Vex) and yes, Dark Fae. But he’s started to realize somewhere in the recess of his mind that if he doesn’t fight for what he believes in with Bo against the Garuda, he’s not going to have all the fun he so treasures. It may be selfish, but he’s finally fighting for something more than himself, there may be hope for him yet.


Rick Howland continues to imbue the Blood King with wisdom, charm, and the occasional zinger.

While still running the Way Station that is The Dal Riata, Trick is opening himself up more to those around him. I get the impression that before Bo came along, he may have been friendly with the Fae who came in through his doors, in that bar keep kinda way, but he kept the world at a distance, keeping his secrets and past safe. This year we’ve learned more about him in single episodes than was ever revealed in the entire first season. We know he’s got more secrets yet, but we also know that with Bo around, chances are, he’ll reveal them to her. He’s also beginning to assert himself stronger in the Fae world, revealing who he is, more of his abilities, and what has happened to many members of his family.


K.C. Collins has taken the resident siren, and made him his own.

A sharp-dresser, a loyal friend, a member of a power family (from whom he’s tried to distance himself), Hale has become a force to be reckoned with in the second season, especially when trouble arises between him and his partner, Dyson. He has however fostered a friendship, burgeoning on romance, with Kenzi, which if it happens, will have repercussions in the Fae world, humans can be played with, can be pets, can be food, but a relationship?? Hale stepped into the void left by the departure of Dyson, becoming more independent, stronger, more confident, and he knows where his allegiance lies. It’ll be interesting to see if Dyson and he can reconnect on a friend level now that the dynamic between them has changed.


Kris Holden-Ried’s character has been a bit of a douche this season. Sorry to say, but it’s true. It’s also not really his fault. He’s simply living with the consequences of the choices that he made in the first season’s finale when he gave up his love to save to Bo.

He’s struggled with it for most of the season, even flirting with a relationship with an old friend, Ciara.

But for all that, he has consistently distanced himself from the group, until now, as we close in on the finale, he’s almost an outsider, though his actions in 2.20 and 2.21 are doing a bit to redeem that. It’ll be interesting to see the part he plays in the apocalypse, and how he fits back into the group should they survive…


Oh Zoie Palmer… Your character has not had a good year. It started out well enough, well mostly. Nadia, her girlfriend, who had long been in a coma, has been returned to her life through the unselfish actions of Bo.

But that of course, also put whatever she and Bo had on hold, indefinitely.

Then of course, as these things do in the Fae world, things go sideways for her. And if anything is gonna cause problems between her and Bo, I couldn’t think of anything worse than Nadia’s death, even if she was being controlled by the Garuda. There’s gonna be all kinds of guilt and anger issues over THAT!


Ksenia Solo continues to rock the queen of quips through the entire season. While, she was always sure of herself in the first season, she has settled into her role as Bo’s bestie, and has become stronger and more confident because of this relationship. We also saw that she finally got a relationship of her own, with Aaron Ashmore’s Nate. But when the choice comes down between standing by Bo, or following the man she loves…

Oh Kenzi.


Anna Silk is simply awesome. Bo is still Lost, but she’s beginning to find her way. The season has seen the development of her powers, though she hasn’t learned to control them all yet. She’s also settled into her leadership role of the group. She’s romanced the dark side with Ryan, restored the love life of her friend, and learned more about her family. She’s fought, struggled, worked for the Ash, stolen from his home, battled baddies, and stood by her friends every step of the way.

Anna embodies Bo completely and we, as her fans, have followed her faithfully through the season, marching towards the upcoming showdown with the Garuda… and beyond… bring on Season 3!

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  1. Awesome !! Thank you so much guys for this great article ! 🙂

  2. maria (@mdelc) says:

    love it. great way to lead into the finale.

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