Not Live from the Dal! It’s The Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show!

In a quiet, unassuming, little grey building on the west side of Toronto, Sue and I stepped into the heart of the Fae world.

I was going to say the Fae world itself, but we get a lot of that actually wandering around the city.

But anyway, after a little bit of waiting in a holding area, we, and a number of other fortunate fans, got to walk onto the set of The Dal Riata.

My first impressions were twofold, one it’s smaller than you think, and it’s gorgeous, and the level of detail is brilliant!

We had a few minutes to wander around and snap some pics, before we were seated and positioned in the audience.

But that’s alright, Sue and I just sat there and looked at everything, our eyes never settling on one thing for too long, as we were worried we would miss something else. As I said, the detail… WOW!

We were introduced, collectively, to Steve Cochrane, one of the writers of the series, who was very funny, and made time to interact with the audience between takes and segments.

First off, they showed us the penultimate episode of season 2 as a lead in, and then, things just got more awesome!

Anna Silk was brought out first, looking radiant as always, and had a smile for everyone. There was a quick Q& A with Steve, as well as a couple of questions from the audience (pre-planned of course so the camera knew where to be).

Each segment was interspersed with vids about the characters, props, fighting, costume designs or re-caps, it also allowed us moments to snap pics.

I will say this, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house!

Kris Holden-Ried was brought out to join Anna, and then fielded more questions. (Although when he walked in, I couldn’t help but to lean over and whisper to Sue, “Hey, look, it’s Paul Shepard!”)

Then, everyone’s favorite sidekick, Ksenia Solo, joined them.

The fans went wild, the level of enthusiasm that we, and the rest of the fans brought to that tiny bar, must have just wowed the cast and crew.

We brought the love for each and every take, and I don’t think any of us ever actually tired of it either.

Following the first trio, Steve brought out the next round, in one group of awesome. And it actually hit me enough that I had to lean over and whisper to Sue, “We’ve interviewed all of them!”

Which means they brought out Rick Howland, K.C. Collins and Paul Amos.

That was awesome!

There was such a sense of bonhomie between the three of them, and the entire cast to be honest, that Sue and I count ourselves fotunate to be just acquainted with them, even peripherally (and I snapped off jaunty salutes to them when they saw Sue and I in the audience and nodded at us).

Jay Firestone, the executive producer was brought out for a chat as well, between the first and second trio, and I started thinking, he might be an interesting interview…

Then, they brought out the awesome Zoie Palmer, and after a round of questions Anna and Kris re-joined us.

There was a lot of laughter, because, as we all know, Zoie has a really dry sense of humor, and can let the quips fly, and bring her cast mates to trembling, laughing wrecks while she keeps a straight face.

(I really do hope that we get our set visit, cause watching these people work will be brilliant!!)

Then to round out the taping, and finish the show, the entire cast was brought in to even more applause and fan love.

It was a great afternoon, spent in the company of joyous fans, who not only got to see some of their favorite actors up close, they got to walk the hallowed floors of The Dal Riata. It’s hard to tell which one I liked more, it’s a good thing I didn’t have to choose.

Thank you to Showcase for organizing this, everyone of you did a fantastic job, and thank you to the cast for ending their vacations early to come back and bring this day to life for us.

It’s no wonder your fans are so loyal.

And it seems to work both ways… you all seem incredibly loyal to your fans.

The pre-show and the season 2 finale airs next Sunday on Showcase starting at 8pm! I’ll be watching, will you?

(please excuse the quality of the photos, they were snapped on my iphone, cause I didn’t recharge my camera batteries – silly Tim.)

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  1. OMG OMG OMG! Thank you so much guys ! Thank you for the pics and to tell how was the evening, in details. Thanks very much for us who couldn’t go and participate to this awesome event, with this awesome team 🙂 I’m just very happy and very excited reading this ; what a beautiful gift Lost Girl, Showcase, and the team made to you ! 🙂 Thank you Tim and Sue, thank you Lost Girl, thank you my team, I love you !

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