Kiefer Sutherland Double Feature at The Digital Film Festival

As we know, I don’t have television at home. I put the internet to good use and watch my shows that way. That is why I could go out last night and not have guilt about not watching the Bomb Girls season finale (something I plan to do as soon as I get in the door this evening though!). So we went to catch our last two films of the Digital Film Festival at Scotiabank Theater, and they were, as the rest had been, a lot of fun!

I had never seen Stand By Me in the theater, I had only first seen it when it hit video, but like everyone else, it resonated with me and my friends. I’ve also spoken a lot about it in a previous post.

It stands up so well, and the performance of everyone is pitch-perfect, and who doesn’t love seeing Kiefer being a bad ass?

Lost Boys is of course a different film altogether, and embraces the idea of the bad non-sparkling vampire! And only Kiefer could pull off a platinum mullet and look COOL!

For me this film and Flatliners are probably Schumacher’s best films, and then he just seemed to go right off the tracks somewhere after that.

But back to Lost Boys. This movie had a huge impact on me when I was a teen! I wore out my cassette of the soundtrack on my walkman. I would throw my headset on, toss on my helmet, and drive around the island in the dark with Lost In The Shadows, and Cry Little Sister blaring in my ears.

Both these movies have huge nostalgic value for me, and puts me in mind of a group of friends called The 84 Crew (you know who you are) and reminds me that I miss them, and that no matter how much we rag on the 80s, there were some pretty sweet times back then…

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  1. Dave Enkosky says:

    Damn, I’d love to see both of these on the big screen.

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